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Gadhafi's Fall Will Ripple Through Arab Spring

More than Libya, Syria will determine Middle East democracy

(Newser) - The fall of Moammar Gadhafi is demonstrating to people and regimes around the Middle East that even the most violent crackdowns cannot stop populations fed up with dictatorships and corruption—but even more important to the Arab Spring will be how Libya affects the uprisings in Syria, reports the Wall ... More »

Global Warming Withers World's Food Supply

Crop damage by bad weather already hurting food production

(Newser) - The Green Revolution that saw farm production soar after the 1940s has come to an end, and with population pressures now surging ahead of food production and increasing damage caused by global warming, humanity is in danger of major new food shortages, reports the New York Times in a lengthy... More »

Iran Willing to 'Slaughter' Rebels: Defector

Regime would be brutal in efforts to hold onto power: former vice consul

(Newser) - Iranians have been inspired by the successful revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, but a diplomat who defected last month warns that Iran's regime is a much more brutal one. Iran would "slaughter" rebels rather than cede control, says Ahmed Maleki, who served as vice consul in Iran's Milan consulate... More »

Mousavi Goes Missing in Iran

Daughters fear he's been detained, along with his wife

(Newser) - Iran’s top opposition leader and his wife have gone missing, and their daughters fear they have been detained. Mir Hossein Mousavi hasn’t been seen or heard from since Tuesday, and security forces have surrounded his family home and cut all communications in and out, his daughters tell the... More »

A Year Later, Iran Tense, Quiet

Green Revolution muted as protests called off

(Newser) - A year to the day after mass protests erupted over election fraud, Mir Hossein Mousavi vowed that Iran's opposition would "continue our peaceful methods"—but the so-called Green Revolution whose momentum threatened to topple the presidency of Mahmoud Ahamdinejad appeared muted. A mass protest planned for today was... More »

Lights Go Out Tomorrow for Earth Hour

Cities across the world flick switches at 8:30pm

(Newser) - Earth Hour returns tomorrow night, with cities across the world turning off the lights at 8:30pm local time. The annual event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund is in its fourth year and growing quickly. About 30 US state capitals are expected to take part, up from 8 last... More »

Iran Seethes Ahead of Revolution Anniversary

February 11 will test regime, international community

(Newser) - Feb. 11, the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, promises to bring tests for all parties with a hand in the nation's fate, writes Gerald Seib. Big marches traditionally herald the anniversary, and members of the opposition movement that has bloomed since last June's election will undoubtedly come... More »

Neda's Grave Defaced—Again

State-sponsored doc says slain Iranian was US agent, blood was fake

(Newser) - Neda Soltan's gravestone has, once again, been defaced. The black marble stone bearing her likeness is riddled with bullet holes. It is the second time Iranian government supporters have targeted the slain student's heavily guarded grave; her family put up a new headstone just weeks ago, after the first was... More »

Systematically, Iran Shuts Down 'Star Students'

Brightest banned from study, work if thought to be 'dangerous'

(Newser) - Since last Sunday’s protest, Iran has arrested dozens on its “star students” list, in Tehran's latest effort to clamp down on youthful dissent. Iranian intelligence keeps a list of thousands of grad students it deems potentially dangerous, the Wall Street Journal explains. Students, who often find out about... More »

Iran Regime's Days May Be Numbered

Opposition's tenacity could signal 'breaking point' for Tehran: experts

(Newser) - The anti-government protests that started in Tehran this weekend show that the opposition movement still has plenty of fight in it—and could eventually topple the clerical regime. Though the fraudulent election was a full 6 months ago, the protesters, whose efforts reach the world on YouTube, appear uncowed by... More »

Reports: Iran Fires on Protesters, Kills 4

Strife in Tehran is most heated since June protests

(Newser) - Iranian security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters in the capital today, killing at least four people and injuring two others in the fiercest clashes in months, opposition websites and witnesses said. Authorities had warned of a harsh crackdown should opposition supporters hold rallies coinciding with today's religious observances marking... More »

Iranian Cleric's Funeral Stirs Opposition Protests

Anti-gov't protesters salute dissident Montazeri

(Newser) - Iran's opposition movement rumbled again today as tens of thousands of mourners joined the funeral procession for Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, the senior dissident cleric who had denounced government crackdowns as the work of power-hungry despots. Tehran barred foreign media from the ceremonies for Montazeri, who died yesterday at... More »

Iranian Police Clash With Protesters

Tear gas, beatings mark 30th anniversary of US Embassy takeover

(Newser) - Iranian security forces beat anti-government protesters with batons and fired tear gas today on the sidelines of state-sanctioned rallies in Tehran to mark the 30th anniversary of the US Embassy takeover. While pro-government demonstrators chanted "death to America" outside the former embassy, opposition marchers nearby cried "death to... More »

Empire State Lighting Thrills Iranian Activists

Tower green during Ahmadinejad visit—for The Wizard of Oz

(Newser) - With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York to speak at the annual opening of the UN general assembly, opponents of the Iranian regime petitioned to have the Empire State Building bathed in protesters' trademark green. The building's managers said no, but the activists got a lucky break, reports the Wall Street ... More »

Biofuel Boom Runs Out of Gas

(Newser) - Once considered a win-win for the environment and energy independence, America’s biofuel industry is sputtering to a halt, the Wall Street Journal reports. Thanks to the recession, lower oil prices, and government delays, two-thirds of American biodiesel refineries—dozens of plants—are idle, and companies across the country are... More »

Wallop Iran Where It Hurts: Oil Revenues

Two 'green' revolutions could bring down regime: Friedman

(Newser) - Pundits and politicians are wasting their time telling Barack Obama what he should be saying about the growing "green revolution" in Iran, writes Thomas L. Friedman. The country's reformers and protesters don't need American encouragement; they need a weakened theocracy—which will only happen when oil prices go into... More »

Obama's Wrong: He Must Take Sides in Iran

He's deserting the brave revolutionaries: Krauthammer

(Newser) - Electoral fraud fueled the protests in Iran, but now there is a full-fledged revolution brewing—and according to Charles Krauthammer, the demonstrators are desperate for just one signal that the US supports them. Instead, President Obama has pledged "dialogue" with a "clerical dictator" and left the green revolutionaries... More »

Green Marketing Blossoms Despite Recession

'Eco-friendly' products are selling even as consumer spending dwindles

(Newser) - Manufacturers of eco-friendly products are finding themselves in the green despite the sputtering economy, Advertising Age reports. One research company reports 458 launches of products that claim to be sustainable or environmentally friendly in 2009, a trend that—if it holds—would triple the number of green launches last year... More »

Snowboard Makers Going Green

Manufacturers offer eco-friendly option

(Newser) - Snowboarders have a vested interest in stopping global warming, and the industry's gear is getting greener by the year, the New York Times reports. “To snowboard, we need snow,” said Bob Carlson, co-founder of Arbor, which has been using renewable materials for their snowboards since 1995. More and... More »

Gimmicky Green Authors Wouldn't Impress Thoreau

Writers often more into self promotion than self denial

(Newser) - Modern-day Henry David Thoreaus don't need to move to the woods for life to land a book deal. The push for green living has given us, unfortunately, no small number of gimmicky books on the subject, laments Michael Agger in Mother Jones. Temporarily living without plastic, eating only locally grown... More »

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