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Public College Tuition Jumps 8%

Prices increasing even as family income falls

(Newser) - Public schools got significantly more expensive again last year, with tuition at four-year universities shooting up 8.3% to $8,244, according to a new report from the College Board. The story wasn’t any better at two-year schools, which saw prices rise an average 8.7% to $2,963.... More »

Employers Like State School Grads, Not Ivy Leaguers

Survey says big companies prefer those from non-elite schools

(Newser) - Move over Harvard; when it comes to hiring entry-level employees, most businesses prefer to recruit from state schools, according to a new survey. The Wall Street Journal polled 479 of the country’s largest companies and asked where they did their recruiting. Of the top 25 schools they named, 19... More »

Public College Tuition Rises Despite Recession

It increases faster than costs at private schools

(Newser) - Hoping for a tuition break in the recession? Fat chance. The price of a college education continues to rise, with costs at public schools rising faster than those at private institutions. Tuition and fees at a public 4-year college now average $7,020, versus $26,273 at a private college.... More »

Dropout Rates Turning US Colleges Into 'Failure Factories'

Students' failure to make it to the finish line is dragging down the economy

(Newser) - The failure of America's colleges to turn more freshmen into graduates is doing huge amounts of damage to the economy, David Leonhardt writes in the New York Times. Only half of those enrolled in college emerge with a degree, the worst rate of any developed country except Italy. This dismal... More »

$70M in Anonymous Gifts Spark Academic Whodunit

Nearly $70 million given to colleges nationwide

(Newser) - A wave of nearly $70 million in mysterious donations to a dozen colleges across the country has set off a happy guessing game in academic circles, the New York Times reports. "Whoever it is wishes to remain anonymous and I, for one, am perfectly happy to respect that,"... More »

As Belts Tighten, College Chiefs' Pay Expands

Suffolk U. boss tops list with $2.8M package and $400K salary

(Newser) - Things are tough all over—except in the nation's ivory towers, where college presidents are collecting increasingly tidy sums, reports the Wall Street Journal. Presidents at 59 public universities earn more than $500,000 a year, and Ohio State's chief tops the list with a $1.3 million package. Median... More »

Schools Spark Debate by Luring Out-of-Staters

Such tuition cuts will squeeze out local students, critics say

(Newser) - More state universities are trying to lure out-of-state students with lower tuition, a trend that critics say goes against the very purpose of such institutions, the New York Times reports. The schools often do it to make up for shrinking support from their own states, but some worry that universities,... More »

7 Stories