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Hey, Media: US Jails Journos, Too

'First duty' of press is to hold own gov't accountable

(Newser) - The American media are celebrating Iran’s release of journalist Roxana Saberi in a case the press doggedly pursued. But today’s back-patting is hypocritical, writes Glenn Greenwald in Salon: the US media have all but ignored foreign journalists imprisoned by our own government, often with little reason. Case in... More »

Brits Probe Soldier Who Tried to Sell Harry Pics

Comrade defied media ban, says Guardian

(Newser) - The British military is investigating a soldier who defied military orders and tried to sell "extraordinary" pictures of Prince Harry’s secret Afghanistan deployment to the media, the Guardian reports. In the pictures, Harry witnesses the beheading of a live goat during Christmas celebrations and films the event on... More »

2 Stories