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Dial-up Customer, 83, Hit With $24K Bill

AT&T told Ron Dorff he had to pay up after modem problem

(Newser) - "Bill shock" doesn't just happen to cellphone users: Ron Dorff, an 83-year-old Los Angeles man driven to despair by a $24,298.93 bill for a dial-up Internet service that usually costs him $51 a month, was initially told he would have to pay up, according to Los ... More »

AOL Weighs Breakup, Yahoo Merger

Internet firm could split dial-up, advertising arms

(Newser) - As AOL shifts to focus on content, the Internet firm is considering breaking off its dial-up Internet service arm and then merging with Yahoo, insiders tell Reuters . Yahoo hasn’t been contacted about the plan, which echoes a move Time Warner considered in 2008 and 2009 before spinning off AOL.... More »

Dial-Up Hold-Outs: Some Just Don't Want Broadband

They're turned off by high prices or just not interested, study shows

(Newser) - Dial-up Internet users might not want broadband—or at least not want it enough to pay for it. That’s the word from a new study that finds high prices and a lack of interest are bigger factors than lack of access for most dial-up holdouts. The story is different,... More »

Late Adopters Send Message to Tech Industry

Using their Netscape browser over a dial-up AOL connection

(Newser) - Netscape Navigator is still the browser of choice for 0.14% of Internet users, which doesn’t sound like a lot, until you realize that’s over a million people. They, and other late adopters like them, are becoming a rare breed in today’s world of automatic updates, but... More »

As AOL Looks for Answers, Time Warner Hopes for Deal

The parent of the struggling Internet giant says AOL needs a partner

(Newser) - AOL’s efforts at launching an Internet ad-sales business—dubbed Platform A—continue to stumble, the New York Times reports. Parent Time Warner Monday fired another exec and yesterday said it’s willing to combine AOL with another company to jump-start the moribund division it’s already spent $1 billion... More »

5 Stories