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Ants Have Toilets, Too

Humans by no means invented waste management

(Newser) - Humans aren't the only species to have waste management down. Naked mole rats, honeybees, and spider mites have all developed various means of disposing of waste, with piles of poo typically forming outside their living quarters. Now researchers in Germany are reporting in the journal PLOS ONE that black... More »

'Mob Sewage' Closes Capri's Blue Grotto

(Newser) - The famous Blue Grotto of the Italian island of Capri has been closed after its striking cerulean waters were fouled by raw sewage believed to be dumped by the Mafia, reports the Independent. La Grotta Azzurra, a favorite haunt of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, is celebrated for its striking waters... More »

When in Venice, Can the Water Bottles

Legendary city pleads with tourists to use public fountains

(Newser) - Faced with a mountain of discarded plastic bottles, Venice is asking 19 million tourists to quit drinking mineral water and use the city's 122 public fountains. Beginning Thursday, visitors to the Piazzale Roma will be handed reusable plastic bottles and a map showing fountains that city officials claim are "... More »

10 Careers With Staying Power

Career site lists the jobs that won't wear out before you do

(Newser) - For most people job security is a thing of the past, and obsolescence a looming threat.  Happily though, there are some roles that never go out of style. Careerbuilder.com lists the most unshakable jobs, along with median annual income.
  1. Doctor: We always need someone to care for our
... More »

4 Stories