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Guess What Single Letter Is on Elon Musk's New Mystery Site

We'll give you a hint: The site is X.com

(Newser) - With his fascination of all things AI and outer space , Elon Musk is used to trafficking in the mysterious, much like someone obsessed with the X-Files would do. And, in fact, the name of his cryptic new website sounds strikingly similar to the cult TV show: X.com, which Gizmodo... More »

Coming Soon to an Internet Near You: .Pizza

ICANN today reveals 1,409 new proposed Internet suffixes

(Newser) - ICANN today revealed the 1,409 suffixes that companies are clamoring to add to our Internet lexicon, and they run the gamut from .porn to .pizza to .paris, reports NPR . A number of companies got in on the action, with who-cares-about-brevity proposals including .lamborghini, .pamperedchef, and .bananarepublic. The 1,930... More »

Dotcom Web Domain Turns 25

In 1985, 6 were registered; now, it's 668K a month

(Newser) - The .com Internet domain name celebrates its 25th anniversary today, and despite some rather sluggish early years the Web address has turned into a strapping young suffix indeed. A Cambridge, Mass., tech firm snatched up the first dotcom address in 1985, and was joined by just 5 other companies in... More »

Web Addresses Will Gain International Flavor

Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew domains, among others, will have support by 2010: ICANN

(Newser) - In the biggest change ever to the system, Web domains will soon be available in the native scripts of Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, and other non-Latin-based languages. A proposal expected to be approved this week means “Internationalized Domain Names” could be up and running as soon as mid-2010. China and... More »

Domain-Name Rule Change 'Brand Owner's Nightmare'

Firms must guard against squatters

(Newser) - The decision of an internet oversight body to allow more domain names opens the playing field to cybersquatters—who register domain names in the hopes someone else will have to purchase them later, BusinessWeek reports. No more is it a matter of simply .com or .net: Squatters may now buy... More »

Pizza.com Name Sells for $2.6M

1994 buyer (for 20 bucks) cashes in

(Newser) - The domain name pizza.com sold at auction yesterday for $2.6 million, netting a tidy little profit for a Baltimore man who bought 14 years ago for $20, the Baltimore Sun reports. Seller Chris Clark held onto the name over the years, making sure to keep up with the... More »

Five Priciest Web Domains

(Newser) -
  1. Sex.com -             $12  million   (2005)
  2. Porn.com -           $9.5 million   (2007)
  3. Business.com -      $7.5 million   (1999)
  4. Diamond.com -    
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7 Stories