2012 London Olympics

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Russia Doped Its Athletes on 'Unprecedented Scale': Investigator

1K athletes in 30 sports in recent years

(Newser) - The Russian doping scandal just keeps getting bigger: A new report implicates 1,000 athletes in 30 sports over recent years, along with officials at various levels of government. The upshot is sure to be increased pressure to penalize Russia ahead of the 2018 Winter Games. In the report—which... More »

'James Bond' Olympics Skydiver Dies in Accident

Mark Sutton hit mountain ridge while wing-diving

(Newser) - Mark Sutton, the stuntman who parachuted into the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony as James Bond, died in a wing-diving accident yesterday. Sutton, 42, jumped from a helicopter at 10,826 feet in Switzerland wearing a "wingsuit," an aerodynamic jumpsuit that increases the body's surface area and... More »

Gabby Douglas: I Almost Quit Over Racist Digs

Bullied, called 'slave,' Douglas tells Oprah

(Newser) - America's darling gold medalist Gabby Douglas was so distraught by fellow athletes' bullying and racist taunts during early training that she often cried herself to sleep, she confides to Oprah Winfrey . Gabby, 16, nearly gave up her dream to be an Olympic gymnast because she was tormented at a... More »

Somali Olympian Drowns Trying to Emigrate to Italy

Mogadishu Islamists threatened her life

(Newser) - A Somali Olympic female runner drowned as she tried to emigrate to Italy on a boat from Libya, Italian media revealed yesterday. The boat sank as Samia Yusuf Omar, 21, made her desperate bid to escape her African home in April, reports the BBC . Samia faced death threats from the... More »

College Student Trademarks Gabby Douglas Nickname

He locks up 'Flying Squirrel' ... for now

(Newser) - While most Olympic fans were oohing and aahing over Gabby Douglas' gold-medal performance in gymnastics, a Fordham business student oohed, aahed, and then filed to trademark her "Flying Squirrel" nickname on August 6, reports TMZ . AJ Rotonde hopes to make a bundle selling T-shirts and the like—or selling... More »

Stones, Bowie, Kate Bush Snubbed Olympic Show

Aging stars turned down offer to perform

(Newser) - The star-studded Olympic closing bash seemed to include all of Britain's pop royalty, but in fact major figures snubbed the event—including David Bowie, Kate Bush, and the Rolling Stones, the Guardian reports. Bowie, 65, was considered a long-shot because he hasn't toured since 2006. Rumor had it... More »

Olympics Close With Rollicking Ceremony

The Who, Spice Girls, Kate Middleton wow; US leaves with 46 golds

(Newser) - The Olympics wrapped up tonight with a light-blazing, rocking ceremony featuring the reunited Spice Girls , The Who, Annie Lennox (among many other headliners), an exploding car, and a mosh pit filled with thousands of athletes, AP reports. The show kicked off in London with a surprise appearance by actor Timothy... More »

Ahead of Olympiad's Close, Vast London Fire Breaks Out

Biggest blaze the city has seen in years

(Newser) - Just ahead of this evening's Closing Ceremonies, London firefighters have controlled a massive blaze they say is the biggest the British capital has faced in years, reports the BBC . The fire broke out at an east London recycling center 7 miles from the Olympic Park, reports the AP , but... More »

With 66% of US Gold, Women Romped in London

Great results from 40 years of gender-equality laws, say experts

(Newser) - With women accounting for nearly 66% of America's gold medals this Olympics—not to mention 56% of US medals overall—London 2012 represents something of a golden age in women's athletics, reports the Los Angeles Times . Their best previous showing was 43% of golds, back in 2000, a... More »

Waving Two Nations' Flags? Bad Idea

US medalist Leo Manzano represented USA, not Mexico: Ruben Navarrette Jr

(Newser) - After Team USA runner Leo Manzano scored a silver medal in the 1,500-meters, he celebrated by waving two national flags. He wanted to honor both the nation in which he was born—Mexico—and the nation in which he grew up to become a world-class runner—the US. Ruben... More »

NBC's Ratings Defy Expectations

These Olympics will be among top 5 TV events

(Newser) - NBC seems to be taking all kinds of grief over its Olympics coverage because of tape delays in the age of live-streaming, so its ratings must surely be suffering, right? Not so much. In fact, these Games "have blown away the most optimistic projections" and will rank among the... More »

Most Affectionate US Olympic Team Is...

Men's volleyball, 'Wall Street Journal' determines

(Newser) - The gold medal for most on-camera displays of physical touch among US Olympic athletes goes to the men's volleyball team. The Wall Street Journal tallied up the number of high fives, group hugs, bum taps, and those one-armed "bro hugs" among US Olympic teams, and the results show... More »

US Runner Finishes Race on Broken Leg

Manteo Mitchell keeps men's 4x400 gold hopes alive

(Newser) - The US made it to the men's 4x400-meter relay finals with the help of a runner who deserves a gold medal for pain endurance. Manteo Mitchell was 200 meters into the race's first leg when a bone in his leg snapped. He managed to finish the rest of... More »

Olympics Spectator 'Arrested for Not Smiling'

Police thought man looked suspicious ... but that was because of his Parkinson's

(Newser) - London police worried about Olympic security spotted a man along a route for cyclists who looked suspicious to them. He looked almost grim, and with the cyclists approaching, they feared he might be up to something. After officers handcuffed him and took him to the local station, they learned the... More »

Games' Strangest Job: Sweat Mopper

Volunteers compete for elite, but kinda gross, position

(Newser) - One of the most unusual—and sought-after—volunteer positions in the London Olympics? Sweat mopper. These surprisingly high-profile volunteers are in charge of keeping the players safe from slips on a wet court, and even though they're not athletes themselves, the job is quite intense. Teams of two moppers... More »

N. Korea Incensed Over 'Naughty' Joke

'Naughty' and 'Nice' Koreas in newspaper's medal count didn't go over well

(Newser) - When last we checked in on North Korea's Olympic experience, it was pitching a fit over a South Korean flag mix-up , and it seems its outrage has not since abated. Pyongyang's state-run media arm is absolutely shredding an Australian newspaper for jokingly referring to it as "Naughty... More »

16% of Olympic Gold Medalists Cry on the Podium

But there's a big difference between male and female criers

(Newser) - After winning Olympic gold, who cries the most? The Wall Street Journal reviewed the evidence, watching footage of 129 London winners as they accepted their medal to find out:
  • One-quarter of women cry, while just 8% of men break down. (But, the Journal notes, many of the male criers "
... More »

No Medal for Romney Horse

Rafalca doesn't qualify for next round

(Newser) - The Romneys won't be Olympic champs: Ann Romney's horse Rafalca failed to advance today to the medal round in equestrian dressage. Still, "it was wonderful," says the candidate's wife. "She was elegant and consistent again." This might have a tangible effect in the... More »

7 Cameroon Olympians Go AWOL

Suspected of seeking economic refuge in Europe

(Newser) - Seven Olympians from Cameroon, having been eliminated in their respective sports, have gone missing from the Olympic Village, and they're said to have " absconded " to take economic refuge in Europe. The first to go MIA was reserve soccer goalie Drusille Ngako, who wasn't selected for the... More »

In Fox Sports' Olympics Headline, a Geography Goof

It was a bit fuzzy on the Mideast yesterday

(Newser) - They're not bad at puns, but the writers at Fox Sports may need some geography lessons. Fox Sports ran a photo yesterday of Iranian athlete Hamid Soryan after he won his gold medal for Greco-Roman wrestling with the headline: "It's in the Baghdad," Gawker noticed. That... More »

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