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65 Dead in Mecca Crane Collapse

Construction accident occurs as holy city prepares for annual pilgrimage

(Newser) - A crane crashed through the roof of the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca today, Saudi Arabia officials announced. The death toll from the tragedy currently sits at 65, the BBC reports. Details are few, but the crane collapsed as Mecca prepares for the yearly Muslim Hajj... More »

10 Hurt as NYC Crane's Payload Plunges 28 Stories

But no injuries thought to be life-threatening

(Newser) - A crane accident injured 10 people in Manhattan late this morning after a giant HVAC unit broke free as it was being raised, and plunged some 28 stories to the sidewalk below, reports WABC , bashing the facade at 261 Madison Ave. along the way. "It sounded like a freight... More »

Guy's Marriage Proposal on Crane Ends Smashingly

Dutch man wanted to propose from crane, which turned out to be less than stable

(Newser) - Usually if a girl looks out her bedroom window first thing in the morning and sees a guy on a crane peering in, her instinct would be to run and call the cops. In the case of a Dutchman's proposal gone quite wrong, just running would do it: It... More »

Crane Workers Escaped Death by Oversleeping

Men should have been atop crane when helicopter hit

(Newser) - Richard Moule and Nicki Biagioni were late for work yesterday, and it probably saved their lives. The two men are crane drivers, and they should have been atop the London crane that got hit by a helicopter . Instead, both overslept and were still on their way to work when the... More »

170-Foot NYC Crane Collapse Kills 1, Hurts 4

Boom snaps, plunges into subway construction site

(Newser) - A 170-foot crane cracked and tumbled to the ground last night, killing a workman and injuring four others. The upper section of the crane broke off during work in midtown on the extension of the No. 7 subway line. It crashed "like a dinosaur," a construction site worker... More »

Crane Falls, Smashes Into National Cathedral

Only one person hurt, and not critically

(Newser) - The National Cathedral got a message from on high today: “Run!” A construction crane toppled over there today, smashing into the Church House and the Herb Cottage, along with five parked cars, the Washington Post reports. The area was experiencing high wind at the time, with gusts hitting... More »

Mandatory Tests Key to Feds' New Crane Regulations

Operators will be made to pass qualification exams in wake of fatal accidents

(Newser) - Crane operators will be made to pass certification tests, the AP reports, as the US Department of Labor, reacting to a number of deadly crane accidents this year, moved to make written and performance assessments mandatory in every state. In the first update since 1971, the tests will measure safety... More »

NYC Crane Inspector Booked for Corruption

Not tied to recent collapse, city says

(Newser) - New York cops collared the city’s chief crane inspector on corruption charges today, but officials see no link to last week's fatal crane collapse. James Delayo, a 26-year Buildings Department veteran, is accused of taking money to issue fake crane appraisals and supplying cheat sheets for a city exam,... More »

Weld Faulted in NYC Crane Collapse

Probe centers on equipment, not operators

(Newser) - City officials investigating a crane accident that killed two workers yesterday think a bad weld may have been to blame, the New York Times reports. The top of the crane, which met all the city's regulations, snapped off and hit a building. The city has suspended all crane construction until... More »

Second Man Dead in NYC Crane Wreck

Both were construction workers; one was operating the crane

(Newser) - The construction crane accident in New York this morning has claimed a second life, that of a 27-year-old construction worker. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the builders were apparently up to snuff with regulations, AP reports, but added, “What has happened is unacceptable and intolerable.” The project was slapped... More »

NYC Crane Collapse Kills at Least 1

At least four pulled from the wreckage

(Newser) - A construction crane collapsed on the Upper East Side of Manhattan today, killing the cab operator and injuring several others, the New York Times reports. The collapse came at 8 am, just 24 hours after a stop-work order on the site was rescinded. The cab of the crane fell 12... More »

Fla. Crane Crash Kills 2, Injures 4

Cause of accident still unknown

(Newser) - Part of a construction crane crashed into a building next to a Miami construction site this afternoon, killing two and injuring at least four, the Miami Herald reports. Workers on an unfinished 46-story luxury condo were raising an extension to connect it with the crane when the extension came loose... More »

7th Crane Collapse Victim Found

Rescuers find last victim unaccounted for

(Newser) - Rescue workers removed the seventh and final body from the wreckage of the New York City crane disaster this afternoon. Odin Torres, 28, was visiting from Florida for St. Patrick's Day when the crane demolished the townhouse she was in, the Daily News reports. Earlier, 37-year-old construction worker Santino Gallone... More »

3 Still Missing in Crane Collapse

Search crews searching with dogs, heat-sensors

(Newser) - Two construction workers and a visitor in town for St. Patrick's Day are still missing after the collapse of a construction crane Saturday destroyed a New York townhouse and damaged other nearby buildings. Rescue services yesterday used dogs, heat-sensing devices, and microphones to search for the victims in the wreckage,... More »

City Blew Off Crane Warning

Construction site had received 32 complaints, numerous violations

(Newser) - Twelve days before the crane accident that killed four, the city of New York largely ignored a warning that the crane wasn't braced properly, reports the New York Daily News. An inspector responding to a retired contractor's complaint that the upper 100 feet of the crane was unsecured determined on... More »

Crane Crash Among Worst NY Accidents, Mayor Says

Ground-level pics depict shocking scene

(Newser) - A towering crane that ripped through two buildings and hit a third is one of the worst construction accidents in New York history, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said today. "It is a tragic event," he said. "Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families."... More »

Crane Crash Kills 4 in Manhattan

At least 4 people trapped; several buildings damaged

(Newser) - A gigantic crane collapsed in Manhattan today, killing four and putting several others in critical condition as it smashed into nearby buildings, Newsday reports. The crane was about 19 stories tall and demolished at least one building entirely. Police have swarmed the area as emergency crews try to rescue people... More »

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