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Obama: US, Ireland Share 'Blood Link'

President begins Europe tour

(Newser) - President Obama arrived in Ireland today, and said the nation shares a “blood link” with his country because of the millions of Irish-Americans who live in the US. The president, of course, has his own blood link with Ireland, and is planning a visit to the home of his... More »

The Weirdest St. Paddy's Customs

Including a 32-mile walk and the world's shortest parade

(Newser) - St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just about beer drinking and snake exterminating: there are a wealth of other odd traditions surrounding the holiday. AOL News reports on a few:
  • For 35 years now, a Toronto man has walked to a town 32 miles away for a drink, honoring a
... More »

Irish Americans Shouldn't Celebrate Victimhood

Famine memorials put too much emphasis on defeat and destruction

(Newser) - Irish Americans should be celebrating their successes tomorrow—and every day—instead of looking back to the potato famine that forced many of their ancestors across the Atlantic, writes William McGurn. The Irish have thrived and prospered in America, but in recent years, they've been celebrating that history by erecting... More »

Gates, Crowley Share Irish Ancestor

Better make that White House beer a Guinness

(Newser) - The beer James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates have with the president should be a Guinness if genetics are anything to go by, Irish Central reports. The Harvard professor and the Cambridge cop—along with about 3 million other people—are distant cousins with shared Irish heritage, both descended from... More »

White House Greens Fountains for St. Pat's

First Lady takes a page from her native Chicago

(Newser) - Fountains on the White House lawns run green today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the Chicago Tribune reports. The dye was suggested by the First Lady, perhaps to make Pennsylvania Ave a bit more like her native Chicago, which dyes the Chicago River green to mark the holiday.... More »

Irked Irish Bar Bans 'Danny Boy'

St. Paddy's Day revelers will have to do their crooning elsewhere...

(Newser) - That annual Guinness-fueled serenade led by green-hat-and-bead-clad Yanks wearing "Kiss me, I'm Irish" pins won't be heard at Foley's Pub in New York today; barkeep Shaun Clancy has banned the maudlin lyrics of "Danny Boy" during the month of March, and especially on St. Patrick's Day. "Everybody... More »

6 Stories