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Starbucks Baristas Can Now Wear Fedoras

As a symbol of their 'personal expression'

(Newser) - Just like a Starbucks customer can match her perc to her personality via a customized coffee, company baristas can now also "shine as individuals" thanks to the java giant's updated dress code. Per a company release posted Monday, baristas are now allowed to diverge somewhat from the black,... More »

11 Celebrities Who've Tried Rainbow-Colored Hair

From Kylie Jenner to Pete Wentz

(Newser) - Rapper Chris Brown and his "Fruit Loop" colored hair may be the latest example of a celebrity sporting rainbow-colored locks, but he's far from being the first in Hollywood to try this beauty trend:
  • Kylie Jenner: The youngest Kardashian sister debuted long, turquoise locks (which may or may
... More »

We May Be Able to Get Rid of Gray Hair Forever

Scientists make discovery while studying skin disease vitiligo

(Newser) - Scientists have finally figured out a way to combat gray hair, which might mean bad news for the likes of Just for Men . Hydrogen peroxide that builds up in the hair follicle over time eventually causes hair to bleach itself, and the process could be reversed using what the Telegraph... More »

Scientists Find Key to Ending Gray Hair

They've already done it in mice

(Newser) - Scientists may have discovered the key to keeping your locks colorful. Gray hair results from a missing "signaling" protein, called Wnt, in the melanocyte stem cells that help create one's hair color, a new study suggests. Genetically manipulating Wnt may prevent the graying process—and researchers have already... More »

New DNA Test Reveals Suspects' Hair Color

Researchers developing new forensic tool

(Newser) - DNA evidence may soon be able to give detectives one more clue about a suspect: hair color. Dutch researchers say they've figured out the markers to determine red or black hair with 90% accuracy, and brown or blond hair with 80% accuracy, reports LiveScience . It's "a major breakthrough because,... More »

Cancer Didn't Take Me, but It Did Take My Red Hair

Mary Elizabeth Williams explains why it's not a petty concern

(Newser) - When Mary Elizabeth Williams found out that the cancer on her scalp had been successfully removed, her first feeling was relief … followed quickly by, “What do you mean I can't color my hair?” Williams, who has been chronicling her cancer experience on Salon , had a circle of skin... More »

Need a Real Change? Dye Your Hair

Hair color is the cheapest, quickest transformation around

(Newser) - New Year’s resolutions pretty much never stick, and if they miraculously do, they take time—with one exception: hair dye. “Resolutions to eat more fruit and meditate every day and read Virgil are fine for the long-range self-improvement plans,” writes Mary Elizabeth Williams for Salon , but “... More »

Blonds Have More Skin Cancer

(Newser) - Blonds and redheads are three times more likely to develop skin cancer, as are those who worked jobs outside through their teenage years, the Age reports. A new study has identified six factors that increase the likelihood of developing a melanoma, which also includes a significantly freckled upper back. For... More »

Office Quickly Graying Obama

President's locks lightening after just 44 days in the White House

(Newser) - The toll of doing America's top job is showing on Barack Obama's head just 44 days into his presidency, reports the New York Times. Like George Bush and Bill Clinton before him, Obama is rapidly going gray. Obama-watchers say the graying started at the close of the campaign, and they... More »

Amid Outcry, Doc Backs Off Designer Babies

Clinic will only screen embryos for disease, genetic disorders

(Newser) - After backlash from doctors, ethicists, and the public, a fertility clinic that had promised parents the option to choose certain traits for their new babies has changed its claim slightly. “We’re going to limit it to people with genetic diseases because we just cannot keep up with what’... More »

When Economy Gets Tough, the Tough Go Blond

Celebrity Brit hairdresser finds clients turning to the dye bottle for cheer

(Newser) - The grim economy is causing a gold rush in Britain's hair salons, a celebrity hairdresser tells the Daily Telegraph. His sales of blond hair products have jumped 67% since last year, and he credits the sales bombshell to women looking for a quick way to cheer themselves up amid the... More »

UK Gingers See Red Over Harassment

Hair-color discrimination a burning issue, say British carrot tops

(Newser) - The UK is ignoring a vicious form of discrimination, the BBC reports—one based not on skin color but hair color. Britain's red-headed schoolkids face bullying, women feel stereotyped, and auburn-haired Britons report harassment with epithets like carrot-top, copper-top, ginger-nut, and even Ronald McDonald. More »

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