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NC Man: Civil War Photo a Hoax We Set Up as Teens

John Potter says there never was an original photo of the CSS Georgia warship

(Newser) - For years historians have been trying to locate the original version of a copied photo of the CSS Georgia, a Confederate warship sunk off the coast of Georgia in 1865 by Confederate soldiers determined to keep it out of Union hands, the AP reports. Now a North Carolina man has... More »

Lawyer Photoshopped Herself Into Star Pics: Judge

Images on website of Svitlana Sangary with Obama, Kim K, others were 'deceptive'

(Newser) - California attorney Svitlana Sangary apparently wanted to drum up publicity for her firm, so she posted some 50-plus pics of herself on her work website posing with a variety of high-profile luminaries, the Los Angeles Times reports. There she is, mugging with the likes of Kim Kardashian, George Clooney, the... More »

Newspaper: Capa's Iconic War Photo 'Faked'

(Newser) - One of the most famous war photos of all time was a fake, according to Spanish newspaper El Periodico. The paper says its investigation into Robert Capa's Spanish Civil War "falling soldier" photo—which appears to show a shot militiaman at the moment of death—concluded that the photo... More »

AP Pulls Faked Tornado Video

Storm chaser allegedly doctored another man's old footage into his own

(Newser) - The Associated Press has pulled a video described as depicting a tornado that hit Nebraska last weekend after a storm chaser claimed that it was faked. After Andy Fabel sold the clip to the AP, which passed it along to 2,000 websites, another man noticed similarities between it and... More »

Experts Work to Create Ways to Identify Altered Photos

New tools can sniff out fakes

(Newser) - As photo doctoring grows ever more sophisticated—and common—so does the art of “digital forensics,” or identifying fakes. Lighting is among the most tell-tale signs of a photo that’s been altered, reports Technology Review, because it’s hard to get it consistent. Still, current tools are... More »

5 Stories