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ABC Slates Lost Premiere

(Newser) - After months of speculation, ABC insiders say that season five of Lost will premiere on ABC January 21, with an hour-long refresher and two new episodes, Entertainment Weekly reports. The 3-hour special will air on a Wednesday, setting up Lost to compete with American Idol on Fox. But regular episodes... More »

Trauma Unit: TV's Leading Luckless Ladies

If these characters didn't have bad luck, they wouldn't have any luck at all

(Newser) - As a cokehead-dating addict who, among other things, got shot by carjackers, burned in a house fire, and suffered amnesia, Kelly Taylor of "Beverly Hills, 90210" is the gold standard of TV victims. Employing the misery-measuring "Kellyness" scale, Radar rates prime time's most luckless ladies.
  1. Meredith Grey, "
... More »

Where Did the Ratings Go?

Networks, still shaking off writers strike, hoping big names' May return is cure

(Newser) - Television shows hoping for welcoming arms after a strike-imposed hiatus are out of luck: Viewership is down sharply for scripted shows, in many cases more than 10%, the Hollywood Reporter notes. The exception appears to be CBS’ Monday night lineup, which is up after returning ahead of most other shows... More »

3 Stories