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Is Crossing Your Legs Actually Bad for You?

Probably not, as long as you don't sit in the same position until your legs are numb

(Newser) - If you sit with your legs crossed on a regular basis, it might be time to stop feeling so guilty about it. While there are a few specific exceptions, crossing one's legs at the knee or the ankle doesn't appear to be as bad for our health as... More »

Try This Sit-Stand Formula for Every 30 Minutes at Work

Is this the secret for keeping your desk job from killing you?

(Newser) - By now, it's been thoroughly reported that sitting too much at work can kill you, increasing your risk of everything from cancer to diabetes. But standing too much isn't any better, potentially leading to varicose veins, back problems, and more. Now, one ergonomics professor says he's figured... More »

Standing at Work Could Be Bad for You, Too

Study looks at long-term muscle fatigue

(Newser) - Study after study has told us how bad it is to spend our workdays sitting. New research indicates standing may be problematic, too. A press release on the study, published in Human Factors last month, notes that almost half the planet's workers have jobs that require them to... More »

Stand Up, Desk Jockeys —for at Least 2 Hours a Day

Guidelines say to eventually bump that to 4 hours to combat sedentary sitting

(Newser) - Office lackeys may spend up to 75% of their workday sitting, which can lead to serious health consequences . That's why an international panel now recommends office workers stand at least two hours a day, eventually bumping that to four hours, per a press release . The new guidelines, published in... More »

Sitting Is Lethal, But Standing Ain't So Hot, Either

Slate explains the risks of both, offers a compromise

(Newser) - We've just had yet another study —after this one and this one —warn that sitting a lot will send us to an early grave, and Slate explains that there's "a growing body of evidence" to back up the argument. Some of it has to do... More »

Make Meetings Less Awful: Stand Up

Growing trend in business keeps meetings brief

(Newser) - A new trend in company meetings? Have your employees stand. The practice is increasingly popular, especially at tech companies, thanks to the growing popularity of an approach to software development known as "Agile." Standing meetings are typically brief, participants are expected not to ramble on or pontificate, and... More »

Appeals Court Chucks Fla. Primary Suit

Panel clears way for Dem voter to amend, relaunch challenge

(Newser) - A federal appeals court today tossed a lawsuit from a Florida Democrat who claimed the Democratic National Committee violated his rights by stripping the state of primary delegates. But the challenge might not be dead, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: A lower court ruled the plaintiff lacked standing because he hadn't... More »

7 Stories