Carnegie Hall

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YouTube Orchestra Makes Strong, if Not Subtle, Debut

Symphony orchestra was selected by YouTube viewers voting on clips

(Newser) - YouTube's "crowdsourced" symphony orchestra made its debut at Carnegie Hall last night. Its 90-plus members played like "a finely tuned instrument," a BBC reviewer found, despite the fact that they had only met in person a couple of days earlier. The musicians, from 30 countries, were picked... More »

YouTube Musicians on Their Way to Carnegie Hall

Viewers vote 90 players onto orchestra

(Newser) - Even Internet boosters who predicted that the Web would democratize everything probably weren’t including classical music. The first YouTube Symphony Orchestra has completed auditions, and is set to perform April 15, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Ninety musicians—ages 17 through 55—from some 30 countries were voted onto... More »

NY Investigates Madoff Chum in Charity Losses

Nonprofits say Merkin invested millions without their knowledge

(Newser) - New York investigators widened their inquiry into Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme yesterday, as claims emerged that a middleman may have defrauded charities of millions of dollars. Money manager Ezra Merkin allegedly invested the money of 15 nonprofits in Madoff funds without their knowledge, reports the New York Daily News. New... More »

Eastwood's First Love: Jazz Piano

Love, not practice, evinced in movies and performance

(Newser) - Growing up, Clint Eastwood had an affinity for piano but no money for lessons. He nurtured his passion for jazz throughout his life, Nick Tosches writes in Vanity Fair, and has written music for almost every picture he’s directed, including the theme for his recent Gran Torino. But, Eastwood... More »

How to Get to Carnegie? YouTube, YouTube, YouTube

Cyber orchestra created to merge world music

(Newser) - The road to Carnegie Hall now passes through YouTube, which is borrowing a note from American Idol to give aspiring classical musicians a chance to perform on the world-famous stage. To snag a seat in the cyber-orchestra, contestants must download and perform—using a liberal interpretation of "instruments"—... More »

Take Me Out to the Ballgame... at the Cineplex

Movie theaters boost lagging ticket sales with live broadcasts

(Newser) - Cineplexes are boosting stagnant sales by showing more live broadcasts, the New York Times reports. From the Metropolitan Opera to the Mets, high-def feeds are luring fans for less than the price of a live concert or ball game. "We can now replicate Carnegie Hall across the country,"... More »

6 Stories