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Black Voters May Tip House Contests

Obama coattails could mobilize enough to play decisive role in at least 10 districts

(Newser) - With black voters expected to come out in record numbers on Nov. 4, Democrats think a surge could flip as many as 10 hotly contested House districts in their favor, the Washington Post reports. “I was just thinking about the need to vote Democratic down the line,” said... More »

Superdelegates Ask: Which Candidate Has the Coattails?

Undecided Pa. Dems look to own reelection

(Newser) - Ten of Pennsylvania's superdelegates have yet to back a Democratic presidential candidate ahead of the April 22 primary. And while Clinton is expected to win the balloting, Bloomberg writes, some—especially several freshman congressmen up for reelection—are concerned that her "high negatives" might inspire more Republicans to come... More »

2 Stories