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AT&T Pondering Huge 'Land Grab' Media Merger

Sources say firm is in talks with Time Warner

(Newser) - A new communications behemoth may be emerging soon: Insiders tell Bloomberg that over the last few weeks, senior execs from AT&T and Time Warner have been discussing strategies including a possible merger. Reuters notes that telecom companies like AT&T have been making a "land grab" for media... More »

Dish May Merge With T-Mobile: 3 Reasons to Care

Purchase price hasn't been agreed upon

(Newser) - Today's merger rumblings: Dish Network and T-Mobile are in talks to merge, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Though details, including a purchase price, have yet to be finalized, the companies agree that Dish CEO Charlie Ergen would be chairman of the combined company, while T-Mobile CEO John Legere... More »

New Real Estate Behemoth: Zillow Buys Trulia for $3.5B

All-stock deal may drastically affect real estate agents' livelihood

(Newser) - Apparently, we're starting the workweek with competitors eating each other for breakfast. First Dollar Tree announced it would be buying rival Family Dollar, and now real estate heavyweight Zillow is snatching up competitor Trulia for a hefty $3.5 billion, reports the AP . The all-stock deal will result in... More »

Takeout Tycoons GrubHub and Seamless Merge

Food delivery websites join to stave off competitors

(Newser) - Yahoo and Tumblr weren't the only online properties getting into bed together today: GrubHub and Seamless, two of the largest food-delivery websites in the US, have announced a merger, combining forces to fend off an increasing number of startup rivals, Bloomberg reports. "This has nothing to do... More »

Avis Buying Zipcar for $500M

Car-sharing company's stock has been rising

(Newser) - Car renting meets car sharing? Avis Budget Group has agreed to buy Zipcar for around $500 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. Avis will pay $12.25 per share, a 49% premium over Zipcar's closing price Monday. Zipcar's stock has risen in recent months as car sharing grows... More »

Justice Dept. Sues to Block AT&T's Bid to Buy T-Mobile

Says combining No. 2 and No. 4 carrier would raise prices

(Newser) - AT&T tried to sugarcoat its $39 billion deal to buy T-Mobile USA by announcing this morning that it would, as a result of the merger, return 5,000 call-center jobs to US shores. But it still wasn't sweet enough for the Justice Department, which has filed suit to... More »

Dear Feds: Don't You Dare Let AT&T Buy T-Mobile

Say goodbye to competition, hello to gouging

(Newser) - AT&T's bid to buy T-Mobile is brilliant, writes Brett Arends for MarketWatch —for AT&T. For everyone else, it's "disastrous," if not downright anticompetitive. "It will let AT&T shut down a competitor, jack up prices, and save on customer service," he writes in... More »

NYSE to Merge With Deutsche Böerse

Name of the new entity in question

(Newser) - Deutsche Böerse AG, the company that owns the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, has agreed to merge with NYSE Euronext, the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange, forming a new as-yet unnamed entity, the companies announced today. Deutsche Böerse will own 60% of the new company, which will... More »

Continental, United Merging Into World's Biggest Airline

New behemoth hopes to turn around losses

(Newser) - United and Continental Airlines are joining to form the world's largest airline in a $3 billion deal, the carriers will announce today. The merger will test the notion that the money-losing airline industry can work better on a large scale—and test the Obama administration's antitrust regulators. While the companies... More »

Recession Whacks Tinseltown Agents

(Newser) - Hollywood's toughest power brokers—the big shot "10 percenters" of the top talent agencies—are no longer immune to the recession, reports the Independent. With the merger between former rival agencies William Morris and Endeavor officially approved, 100 top agents got the ax. Officials of the new entity hope... More »

'Silent Run' Doomed Wachovia

Panic pushed FDIC to use unprecedented authority in Citigroup merger

(Newser) - Customers made a “silent run” on Wachovia as the North Carolina bank negotiated a buyout from Citigroup last week, the Charlotte Observer reports. Wachovia execs noticed customers withdrawing money from large accounts following Washington Mutual’s failure, lowering their balances to below the federally insured limit. More »

JPMorgan Chief Had Long Drooled Over WaMu

Firm writes down $31 billion in bad debt, but builds nation's largest bank

(Newser) - The failure of Washington Mutual was an opportunity for JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who long held a desire to buy the bank, the Seattle Times reports, and saw its large West Coast presence as particularly attractive. Now Dimon, who incorporated Bear Stearns earlier this year, has used the credit... More »

Shareholders OK Delta-Northwest Merger

Deal awaits approval from antitrust regulators

(Newser) - Shareholders of Delta and Northwest voted nearly unanimously today to approve the airlines' merger, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. With shareholders in agreement, federal antitrust regulators must now approve the deal. A Justice Department decision is expected late this year, but labor issues remain. Dozens of workers protested today outside the... More »

United, Continental Partner, But Won't Merge

Airlines will share international flights, coordinate domestic bookings

(Newser) - United and Continental Airlines have forged a marketing alliance that will let them book each other’s seats, share miles and join international flights—but won't merge, reports the Wall Street Journal. The deal provides welcome cost savings in the face of surging fuel prices, but avoids the labor tensions... More »

Another United Merger Crashes

Talks with US Airways on permanent hold

(Newser) - A proposed merger between United Airlines and rival US Airways has collapsed, just a month after a deal between United and Continental fell apart. Some analysts predicted the rising cost of jet fuel would power merger deals, but the failed negotiations have raised serious questions about the success of future... More »

XM and Sirius Delay Meetings as FCC Weighs Merger

State officials oppose satellite giants' plans despite Justice approval

(Newser) - XM and Sirius both postponed annual shareholder meetings as they awaited final FCC approval of their planned merger, the Washington Post reports. The nation’s only satellite-radio operators are expected to win approval, but their plans have faced new criticism from lawmakers and state attorneys, and there may yet be... More »

Delta, Northwest Execs: Merger Would Ease Gas Burden

Dems skeptical, see 'cascade' of deals

(Newser) - The CEOs of Delta and Northwest took their case for a merger to Capitol Hill today, where they argued that they would be better equipped to deal with surging gas prices as a single company. Both businesses had big first-quarter losses, and the executives told lawmakers they’d be better... More »

Recession Zings Top Law Firms

Associates laid off, programs cut

(Newser) - The recession has begun to nip at the heels of New York's big law firms, reports the Wall Street Journal. Some firms are beginning to lay off associates, rescind offers to those coming out of law school, and scale back summer associate programs. It's all due to a slowdown in... More »

Delta, Northwest Close to Merger After Revived Talks

But pilot dispute could put deal on the skids

(Newser) - Delta and Northwest Airlines are readying a merger that could be announced as soon as Tuesday, reports the Wall Street Journal. But disputes over the deal’s financial terms and handling of pilot seniority threaten to scuttle the union. Negotiations between the two carriers broke down last week but were... More »

Delta-Northwest Deal May Be Back On, Without Pilot Input

Dispute over seniority scotched initial merger agreement

(Newser) - Northwest is trying to resuscitate the Delta merger that nearly went through in February with a deal that wouldn’t need pilot agreements or include anticipated salary increases, the Wall Street Journal reports. The pilots' inability to agree on seniority rules appeared to derail the deal, which didn't require labor... More »

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