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How Hollywood Caved to the Nazis

Book excerpt gives details of Hollywood execs cutting films to meet Nazi demands

(Newser) - The 1930s may have been a golden age in Hollywood but it was a period tarnished by an alliance with the Nazis. In new book The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact with Hitler, Ben Urwand discusses the hoops some studios—including MGM, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox—jumped through to please... More »

Strapped Fla. County to Hollywood: Blow Up Our Bridge

Tampa span unsafe, so pols pitch studios

(Newser) - A Florida county is looking to demolish an old bridge, and hopes to convince Hollywood to foot the bill. Find a film that needs some fireworks, a Tampa politician posits, “And they would do it under their budget, and it wouldn’t cost us a thing, or very little.... More »

Studios Sweating August Releases

(Newser) - Studios used to spending August releasing movies from slightly out in left field, free from the pressure of early summer blockbusters, are finding this year more stressful than usual, the New York Times reports. A soft four weeks has put releases such as Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds under pressure to... More »

Actors Board Narrowly Backs Contract Deal

Pact bumps pay 3.5% but nixes bucks for online reruns

(Newser) - A two-year contract narrowly approved by the board of the Screen Actors Guild board would boost pay 3.5% a year, but dodges payment for most online reruns. The pact, which would cover film and TV actors, was passed by just 53% of the newly elected moderate board, and now... More »

Actors Union, Hollywood Studios Make Tentative Deal

(Newser) - Nearly 10 months after their previous contract expired, the Screen Actors Guild and Hollywood’s major film and TV studios have a tentative agreement for a 2-year deal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Few details of the deal, which must be ratified by the union’s 120,000 members, were... More »

YouTube Edging Closer to Hollywood

Site to offer authorized Hollywood content, may start charging

(Newser) - YouTube's latest move to add Sony as a partner highlights the delicate balance it's trying to strike between Hollywood and its own roots in "homegrown video," writes Chris Snyder in Wired. The deals with Sony and others authorize the site—under pressure to curb unauthorized uploads—to show... More »

Nearing 60, Streep Trumps Hollywood's Old Boys

The anti-diva, a character actress at heart, is happy to play strong women

(Newser) - Meryl Streep wasn't surprised when Mamma Mia! took the international box office by storm, and remained equally unfazed at the amazement of execs who hadn't expected the ABBA musical to succeed. The "fellas" who decide what films get made, Streep tells the Independent, "usually make those decisions... More »

YouTube in Talks to Show Full Movies

Could have service within 90 days

(Newser) - Full-length Hollywood movies will soon be streaming on YouTube, reports CNET. The site's parent company, Google, is in promising talks and could have offerings from at least one major studio online within a month. “It's going to happen,” said one executive with knowledge of the deal. “I... More »

Wall Street's Falling Stars Burn Hollywood

Studios scale back films, lose capital

(Newser) - When Steven Spielberg is feeling a budget pinch, you know the financial crisis is bad. His hunt for financing on a new studio deal gets tougher with each day of bad news from Wall Street, Time reports. With credit as tough to come by in Hollywood as everywhere else, many... More »

Summer Movies Smash Record

Blockbusters boost studios to record-breaking sales

(Newser) - Hollywood studios are reeling in their highest-grossing summer ever, the Los Angeles Times reports. Domestic ticket sales stand at $3.9 billion, up from last year's record-breaking summer. A steady stream of smash hits—and higher ticket prices—accounted for the record take, more than making up for costly flops... More »

Hollywood Getting Its Videogame On

Disney, other studios see thumb-jockeys as new revenue stream

(Newser) - Videogames, once the bane of Hollywood studios, are making a comeback—and Disney appears to be leading the pack, reports Portfolio. Facing flat box-office sales, dwindling DVD revenues, and fickle TV audiences, the entertainment industry is seeking better ways to make a buck. That means revisiting the lucrative game market... More »

Dark Days Ahead for Little Movies

Big money has bankrolled some bad small films lately; now it's pulling back

(Newser) - This has been a banner year for Hollywood blockbusters, but things look dour for explosion-free cinema, David Carr writes in the New York Times reports. Small movies have flooded multiplexes, choking each other out—a sign, producer Mark Gill says, of big-money backing meeting the ease of digital film-making. The... More »

Studios Brace for Actors' Strike

Production beefed up before contract's expiration

(Newser) - TV and movie studios are scrambling to be as prepared as possible in the event of an actors' strike when the union contract expires Monday, reports the New York Times. Movie studios had long planned to finish projects by the deadline—and TV studios have been rushing productions to finish... More »

Sex Success Bodes Well for Chick Flicks

Fabulous turnout gets studios eyeing female demographic

(Newser) - The studios were wowed by the huge turnout for Sex and the City, and a slew of sisterly imitations could follow, Variety reports. Movie executives have been leery of chick flicks in the past, and they still hold doubts about projects with slim crossover potential. But with four other femme-centered... More »

Strike Fears Grow as SAG Talks End Without Deal

Actors' contract talks with studios shut down on bitter note

(Newser) - Fears of another big Hollywood strike mounted yesterday after strained talks between the studios and the Screen Actors Guild ended without a deal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Negotiations closed on a bitter note after studio representatives walked away, calling the actors' demands unreasonable. "We wanted to stay in... More »

Absent Original Scripts, Studios Reel in Lit

Post-strike surge doesn't materialize, so execs tap books, mags

(Newser) - Movie execs counting on a flood of scripts after the writers strike wrapped up in February are snug and dry and turning to books and magazine articles instead, Variety reports. Plump with new fiscal-year budgets, studios are snatching up literary pieces faster than in years past; prison escapes, sunken-ship salvage,... More »

TV Actors Guild Splits from SAG

More moderate sister union will negotiate on its own

(Newser) - In a move that will complicate upcoming negotiations between actors and Hollywood studios, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists split yesterday from the Screen Actors Guild, its sister union for 27 years. AFTRA shares more than half of its members with SAG, but its more moderate contract goals... More »

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