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GOP Candidates Reveal Favorite Movies

Rick Perry has one you probably never heard of

(Newser) - Who needs debates? The Washington Times rounds up the GOP candidates' favorite movies:
  • Herman Cain: The Godfather. (Yes, the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza winked when he answered.)
  • Newt Gingrich: "Probably Casablanca."
  • Michele Bachmann: "Braveheart, or maybe Saving Private Ryan."
  • Rick Perry: Immortal Beloved.
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Scientology Launches 'Warrior' Film to Spur Staff

'Play for blood,' urges motivational video

(Newser) - A heavy-duty call-to-battle video featuring clips from Braveheart, Independence Day and various movies of star cult member Tom Cruise has been created by Scientology leaders to spur Vegas staffers into fighting infidels. The video urges members to "play for blood" and features battle scenes bristling with weaponry, from bloody... More »

Prisoner Star McGoohan Dead at 80

British actor also created and produced '60s TV cult classic

(Newser) - Emmy Award-winning actor Patrick McGoohan, who starred in 1960s TV shows The Prisoner and Secret Agent, has died, the Los Angeles Times reports. The veteran British character actor, who appeared in Braveheart as the villainous, scene-stealing King Edward Longshanks, was 80. In its 17-episode run, The Prisoner, which McGoohan created,... More »

Top 10 Historically Flawed Flicks

10,000 BC , Gladiator, and 300 top Yahoo's list of historical misfires

(Newser) - Most historical films forgo a few facts for dramatic flair, but these flicks leave truth to the cutting room floor. Yahoo lists the most inaccurate movies ever:
  1. 10,000 BC: Woolly mammoths weren't around to help build the pyramids.
  2. Gladiator: Emperor Commodus didn't kill his dad... chickenpox did.
  3. 300: Spartan
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