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Failed Air France Engine Found in Icy Wasteland

Airbus A380's engine exploded midflight

(Newser) - The remains of an engine from an Air France Airbus A380 have been recovered from an icy desert in Greenland—and investigators hope the parts will provide clues to an "incredibly rare" midflight engine explosion last weekend. France's BEA air accident agency says the flight's data recorder... More »

A Bang, a Drop, Then an Emergency Landing in Canada

Engine on Air France flight explodes midair; plane lands safely in Labrador

(Newser) - Air France Flight AF066 from Paris to Los Angeles on Saturday had been going smoothly, but that all changed more than five hours into the journey, when passengers heard a loud bang, then felt the plane shake and drop before cruising back up. The cause: One of the Airbus A380'... More »

New Airline Is Apparently for 'Stereotypical Millennials'

Organic juice, VR among Joon's perks

(Newser) - A new airline is boasting of virtual reality headsets and vitamin-enriched fruit juices aboard its flights in an effort to appeal to millennials—or rather "the stereotypical millennial," notes Mashable . Air France has launched the airline Joon, which will begin offering cheap European flights in December and longer... More »

Flight Attendants: No Way We're Wearing Headscarves

Air France attendants refuse order for Iran flights

(Newser) - Female flight attendants on Air France aren't too thrilled with being told to wear headscarves when they disembark in Tehran, the Telegraph reports. Their union is opposing the order, slated to kick in April 17, when the airline resumes flights to Iran's capital after an eight-year hiatus. "... More »

Lufthansa, Air France Reroute Flights After Egypt Crash

Airlines say they'll avoid Sinai Peninsula until they know why Russian plan crashed

(Newser) - Lufthansa and Air France will be diverting flights around the Sinai Peninsula until they know why a Russian passenger plane crashed there Saturday , Reuters reports. "We took the decision to avoid the area because the situation and the reasons for the crash were not clear," a Lufthansa spokesperson... More »

Angry Mob Rips Shirts Off Air France Execs

Had to scale fence to escape protesters

(Newser) - Air France executives had their shirts ripped off and had to scale an eight-foot fence to escape an angry mob that stormed a meeting at company headquarters. The airline said that 2,900 jobs would likely be cut as part of a savings plan announced Monday, and workers stormed the... More »

Inside 30 Suitcases on Plane: 1.3 Tons of Cocaine

Paris seizure made on Air France flight from Venezuela

(Newser) - There's a joke about "high flying" in here somewhere: Cops at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport have found 1.3 tons of pure cocaine on an Air France jet. The coke was packed inside 30 suitcases on a flight from Venezuela, and had a street value of about... More »

Airline Fined for Kicking Non-Jewish Flyer Off Plane

Pro-Palestinian activist was removed for having no Israeli passport

(Newser) - A French court has fined Air France nearly $13,000 for removing a pro-Palestinian activist from a flight headed for Tel Aviv, Israel, UPI reports. The airline was also ordered to pay about $3,900 to the passenger, 30-year-old Horia Ankour, who was trying to attend a "Welcome to... More »

Air France Crew to Fliers: Could You Chip in for Gas?

Air France plane makes unscheduled Syria landing

(Newser) - Travel nightmare No. 1: Your flight out of Paris makes an unscheduled stop in the volatile capital of ... Syria. And No. 2: Your crew asks passengers to help cover the cost of refueling. That's what happened to Air France Flight 562 on Wednesday, when tensions near its destination—the... More »

Human Error Took Down Air France Flight

Pilots never realized plane was in stall, says final report

(Newser) - Today hasn't been the most praiseworthy day for mankind. On the heels of a report that Fukushima was a man-made disaster comes the final report on Air France's 2009 crash, and it cites human error as well. Investigators list a combination of "human and technical factors" as... More »

'Autopilot Addiction' Doomed Air France Flight

Startling lack of training endangers passengers, experts say

(Newser) - Airbus likes to boast that its A330 jet is "pilot-proof," but that sentiment may have helped trigger one of the worst airline disasters in recent years, experts tell ABC . They say that the co-pilots on Air France Flight 447 depended too heavily on the plane's autopilot system,... More »

Air France Searchers Recover 75 Bodies

Crash victims pulled from wreckage could be preserved by icy depths

(Newser) - A French search team has pulled another 75 victims of the Air France Flight 447 crash out of the briny depths in recent days, a spokesman for the French military police said today. He would not say what condition the bodies were in, but Reuters notes that the first two... More »

Air France Plane Stalled, Entered 3.5-Minute Plunge

Autopilot shut off hours into flight; captain was resting

(Newser) - Air France Flight 447 slowed, stalled, then began a 3.5-minute plunge into the Atlantic, the investigation into the 2009 crash has found. The autopilot system on the Airbus 330 cut off just after pilots told the cabin crew of coming turbulence; the younger of the two co-pilots then aimed... More »

Air France Black Box: Pilot Wasn't in the Cockpit

Marc Dubois rushed back in while the plane was in trouble

(Newser) - Investigators have made a shocking discovery while analyzing the data from Air France Flight 447’s flight recorder: Pilot Marc Dubois was not in the cockpit when the incident that caused the flight to crash began. In the recordings, Dubois, 58, can be heard rushing into the cockpit after the... More »

Body Recovered From 2009 Air France Crash

But it may not be possible to recover all the bodies found

(Newser) - Following the recovery of the black box and cockpit recorder from the 2009 Air France crash, officials have pulled a passenger's body from the ocean. The French Gendarmerie says the remains, which were still attached to a plane seat, were pulled up this morning. The first search effort after... More »

Air France Recorder Pulled From Atlantic

Investigators hope for clues in 2009 plane crash

(Newser) - On the heels of recovering the black box from the doomed Air France flight that fell out of the sky off the Brazilian coast nearly two years ago, French investigators have pulled the cockpit recorder from the depths of the Atlantic, reports the AP. It's not yet certain whether... More »

Jumbo Jet Clips Plane at JFK

Air France A380 nicks, spins Delta aircraft on runway

(Newser) - All passengers escaped without injury after two planes collided on the ground at New York's JFK airport last night. A wing of an Air France Airbus A380—the world's biggest passenger jet—clipped the tail of a commuter Delta Connection plane while taxiing to the runway for takeoff, AP reports.... More »

Bodies Found in Underwater Air France Wreckage

Robots find cabin and engines of crashed jet

(Newser) - Underwater robots have located the bodies of some of those who died in the Air France flight 447 crash two years ago, France’s Ecology Minister revealed on the radio today. “We have bodies… there are bodies that are still in the parts that have been found,” the... More »

Wreckage Found From 2009 Air France Crash

It could shed light on what brought down jet, killing 228

(Newser) - Investigators might finally get a better idea of why an Air France flight crashed into the Atlantic nearly two years ago and killed all 228 aboard. A fourth deep-sea search led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has yielded plane parts believed to be from the Airbus 330, reports the... More »

Families Mark 10th Anniversary of Concorde Crash

Verdict of trial expected in December

(Newser) - Some 100 family members, witnesses, and Air France officials today marked 10 years since a Concorde jet crashed shortly after takeoff from Charles de Gaulle Airport, plowing into a hotel. Air France flew in family members from Germany, where most of the victims were from, and gave them flowers to... More »

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