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12 Celebrity Bromances

Matt Damon and ... wait for it ... John Krasinski

(Newser) - Everyone knows about Ben Affleck's "bromance" with Matt Damon, but did you know The Office star John Krasinski is also good buddies with Damon? The two first met while Damon was filming The Adjustment Bureau with Krasinski's wife, Emily Blunt, and then they co-wrote, co-produced, and co-starred... More »

Sandler's Grown Ups Tanks

Big names of comedy can't save it

(Newser) - Critics are decidedly unimpressed with the Adam Sandler coming-of-age flick Grown Ups, despite (or maybe because of) help from Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider.
  • Kyle Smith, New York Post : When Sandler "repeatedly slapped Rob Schneider in the face with a dehydrated banana, I was jealous
... More »

Heather Mills to Judge Miss USA

New divorcee goes from appearing before bench to behind one

(Newser) - Heather Mills, fresh from starring in her own divorce-court drama, is back in the limelight already. Having gone bravely before the judge herself and come away with $48 million of Paul McCartney's money, she's about to judge in the upcoming Miss USA pageant. Donny and Marie Osmond will host the... More »

3 Stories