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Salmon Protections Strike Calif.'s New '49ers

Gold prospectors banned from using 21st-century dredgers

(Newser) - Prospectors seeking to join California's new gold rush are facing an upstream battle amid moves to protect the state's salmon stocks. Suction dredge mining, which uses gas-powered machines to scrape gold from river beds, has been banned while its environmental impact is reviewed, a process expected to take until 2011.... More »

Strapped Californians Pan Like It's 1849

Soaring gold prices and a lousy economy have many hoping to strike it rich

(Newser) - The miserable state economy and the soaring price of gold have sent Californians back into them thar hills, USA Today reports. Prospecting clubs all over the state report a huge jump in the number of people panning for gold just as a 10.5% unemployment rate has left cash-strapped residents... More »

Eureka! New Gold Rush Is On

Tens of thousands scour the West as prices boom

(Newser) - A new generation of prospectors is partying like it’s 1849: Record prices and a simple desire for outdoor fun are drawing thousands westward in a new gold rush, the New York Times reports. “Anywhere gold has been found in the past, that’s where they’re going again,... More »

3 Stories