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High-Tech Gear Floods Olympic Games

Maker of spring-soled shoe challenges the rules

(Newser) - The Michael Phelps-endorsed body suit is only one of the high-tech inventions at this year's Olympic Games, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. NASA-designed shoes, 3D motion-capture-designed bicycles, and a Nike PreCool vest have all garnered attention. But the most controversial is a spring-enhanced shoe that track and field athletes will... More »

Soccer Scouts Look Into Genetic Testing

DNA tests could reveal if player has power to bend it like Beckham

(Newser) - Scouts for the world's leading soccer teams spend millions every year trying to spot the next Ronaldo or David Beckham but they could soon be turning their attention to genetic tests as well as training grounds. DNA tests that identify genes associated with top athletic ability are already being marketed... More »

High-Tech Sleeve Helps Athletes Shoot for Perfection

Garment monitors players' movements

(Newser) - Researchers have developed a sensor-equipped sleeve to help basketball players perfect their shots. It monitors athlete’s movements in real time and plays a certain tune to give them instant feedback on their performance. Over time, players recognize the tunes that equal a successful shot. The technology could be adapted... More »

3 Stories