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'We Ran Into a President With Some Serious Game': Rep.

Obama in great shape at White House hoops

(Newser) - President Barack Obama and a few members of his cabinet played basketball tonight at the White House with a handful of House members, two of them Republicans. "We ran into a president with some serious game," said Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash. Obama had "a sweet crossover move"... More »

Courting Obama, Pols Harbor Hoop Hopes

Elite tune up their game in hopes of playing with prez

(Newser) - In Washington, everyone wants to be on the inside. How do you know you’re in? “A pickup game with Obama,” says a former Clinton press secretary. “That's the inner, inner, inner sanctum.” So aspiring members of the inner, inner circle are hitting the court, working... More »

Campaigning Superdelegates Look Toward November

Top of ticket looms large in tight Congressional races

(Newser) - Undeclared Democratic superdelegates who are also members of Congress are under especially great pressure, reports the LA Times: The popularity of their chosen candidate could affect their re-election chances. In swing districts, "somebody unpopular at the top of the ticket can actually cost you votes," says a political... More »

Indiana Pols Avoid Obama/ Clinton Decision

Host of factors makes five House Dems wary of May 6 endorsement

(Newser) - Indiana is poised to become a major battleground in the Democratic presidential race, but Indiana’s Democratic House representatives look like they’re ducking the firefight. Four of the five are in their first terms, seemingly unwilling to risk angering party brass or alienating voters. Indiana’s contest looks incredibly... More »

4 Stories