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Selena Gomez in Treatment After Hospital 'Meltdown': Reports

Sources tell TMZ, 'People' that singer had an 'emotional breakdown' tied to her health

(Newser) - Selena Gomez has reportedly had some medical issues over the past few weeks, and they may have led to what TMZ is calling an "emotional breakdown." Sources tell the site the 26-year-old singer is currently at an East Coast psychiatric center after two reported visits to Cedars-Sinai Medical... More »

Top DADT Foe Committed After Breakdown

Supporters say Senate failure pushed Dan Choi over the edge

(Newser) - One of the most outspoken opponents of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy has been involuntarily committed to a Veterans Administration psychological ward after a breakdown. Iraq veteran Dan Choi—who was discharged after coming out on a talk show last year—had been suffering stress and exhaustion,... More »

Teacher's Desk-Throwing Meltdown Caught on Tape

Donald Wood apparently suffered nervous breakdown in class

(Newser) - A 17-year teaching veteran finally had enough, and his subsequent meltdown was caught on video. Donald Wood was teaching his 11th grade algebra class at Nashville’s McGavock High School when he decided a group of laughing students needed to “shut up.” They didn’t, and Wood started... More »

Film Is Proof Joaquin's Punking Us— or Not

Mockumentary preview's a head-scratcher

(Newser) - The enigma that's wrapped in the riddle that is actor Joaquin Phoenix is beginning to unravel ... or maybe not. Film of his apparent months-long nervous breakdown, shot by brother-in-law Casey Affleck, is about to hit theaters, and it's proof that the mysterious personality disorder he displayed was all an enormous... More »

Barton: Tooth Surgery Led to Breakdown

Mischa talks The Beautiful Life and rumors of drug abuse—sort of

(Newser) - Mischa Barton is speaking out for the first time about last month’s “involuntary psychiatric hold,” and the troubled actress pins much of the blame on wisdom tooth surgery. “It was a nightmare," she tells Time Out New York. "I’ve never had surgery before—... More »

Neurotic People Die Earlier

Increased likelihood of smoking increases mortality risk of nervous nellies

(Newser) - Neurotics are more likely to die prematurely than their mellower peers, LiveScience reports. A new study that followed nearly 1,800 men for 30 years found that those who fit self-descriptive criteria for neuroticism—constantly worried or anxious—were more likely to die early, in large part because they were... More »

'Happier' Boyle Checks Out of Hospital

(Newser) - Susan Boyle has checked out of a mental health hospital where she was treated for nervous exhaustion and is "much happier," her brother tells the Telegraph. "She seems a lot more like herself. Things are becoming clearer for her now," he said. "She's now beginning... More »

Boyle Rushed to Mental Health Clinic

Singing star hospitalized for exhaustion

(Newser) - An emotionally drained Susan Boyle has been rushed to a celebrity mental health hospital in London, the Sun reports. The 48-year-old singing sensation was acting “spaced out” and strange at her hotel following her second-place finish in the show’s finals on Saturday, according to the staff of Britain’... More »

J.Lo Battled Blues, 'Breakdown'

Jennifer Lopez may send her twins to Scientology school

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez admits to having had a “nervous breakdown” in 2002 and a weepy “hormone thing” 10 days after the birth of her twins in a previously unpublished interview excerpted at the Daily Beast. "I couldn’t get up fast enough to feed the babies," says... More »

Don't Expect a 20th Nervous Breakdown

Term goes the way of smelling salts as experts seek accuracy

(Newser) - “Nervous breakdown” has long been a catchall for psychological conditions as varied as depression and schizophrenia. But as psychiatric patients emerge from stigmatized isolation—and as the DSM fattens—scientists are chucking the antiquated term in favor of a more descriptive and accurate taxonomy. “I haven’t heard... More »

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