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'Black Widow of the Riviera' Handed 22-Year Sentence

Patricia Dagorn was accused of killing 2 men, poisoning more

(Newser) - She's referred to as "the Black Widow of the Riviera" (not to be confused with the Black Widow of Japan ), and now she has a prison sentence to go with that title. Patricia Dagorn was sentenced this week to 22 years for murdering two men and poisoning... More »

Japan's 'Black Widow' Sentenced to Death

Judge says Chisako Kakehi was 'driven by greed'

(Newser) - Her murderous web won't protect Japan's "black widow," who's been sentenced to hang after a months-long trial. Judge Ayako Nakagawa of Kyoto District Court ruled Tuesday that Chisako Kakehi, 70, will hang for the murders of two common-law boyfriends and a husband, as well as... More »

Woman With String of Dead Husbands Goes to Trial

She's charged with 2nd hubby's murder

(Newser) - Emma Raine either has the worst luck with men, or she's—as prosecutors suggest—a "serial husband killer" and "black widow." The 52-year-old woman, widowed three times, face charges of second-degree murder in the death of her second husband, Ernest Smith, shot to death in Louisiana... More »

Critics Agree: Avengers a Blast

Joss Whedon directs Robert Downey Jr. in superhero blowout

(Newser) - Sure, it's an effective moneymaking scheme: release movies about individual superheroes, then one about all of them. But with Joss Whedon at the helm, The Avengers really works. What critics are saying:
  • "Even if you don't particularly like comic-book adaptations, this film just might make a believer
... More »

Secrets of Woman With 5 Dead Husbands Die With Her

Accused 'Black Widow' Betty Neumar dead at 79

(Newser) - To the outside world, Betty Neumar was a diminutive Georgia grandmother with a shock of white hair who operated beauty shops, attended church, and raised money for charity. It wasn't until North Carolina investigators in 2008 reopened a 25-year-old murder case that the dark secrets of her past began... More »

Suicide Bomber Done In by Errant Text Message

Spam text detonated her bomb early in Moscow

(Newser) - A bizarre tale out of Moscow on the hazards of being a suicide bomber: A woman intended to blow herself up in Red Square on New Year's Eve and inflict mass casualties, but she received a "Happy New Year" text message that detonated her bomb too early, reports the... More »

Rebel's Widow Likely One of Moscow Bombers

Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova's husband was killed late last year

(Newser) - Russian police believe that one of the suicide bombers who attacked Moscow Monday and left 39 dead is the very definition of a “black widow,” having lost her Caucasian Islamist militant husband to Russian security forces at the end of 2009. Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, from Dagestan, was just 17.... More »

Russia Fears More Attacks by 'Black Widows'

19 members of female 'martyrs' brigade' remain at large

(Newser) - The Moscow subway bombing might just be the beginning of a campaign of suicide attacks—investigators say that up to 19 trained suicide bombers from the same terrorist cell as the subway attackers remain at large. The bombers likely belonged to a 30-person, all-female "martyrs' brigade" led by the... More »

Trial Looms for 'Black Widow of the Web'

Kanae Kijima allegedly swindled, killed at least 4 men she met online

(Newser) - Japan is bracing itself for the upcoming trial of a woman who allegedly swindled dozens of men she met online—and killed at least four of them. Dubbed the “Konkatsu Killer” by the media for the konkatsu (marriage-hunting) sites she frequented, Kanae Kijima reportedly set up each death to... More »

Film Sneak Peeks Thrill Comic-Con Fans

(Newser) - Some 125,000 giddy comic book fans converged on the San Diego Convention Center over the weekend to jockey for a spot at the film portion Comic-Con to get tantalizing sneak peeks at upcoming movies and hear insiders rave about projects. USA Today reports a few of the tantalizing tidbits... More »

Look for Black Widows in Your Grapes

(Newser) - Spiders are hitching rides into grocery stores on organically grown grapes, and growers can't find a way to stop them, Gourmet reports. The problem is, spiders are helpful: They feast on bugs that feast on grapes, allowing growers to avoid pesticides. But stores from Boston to South Africa are... More »

'Black Widows' Guilty of Murder

Pair killed homeless men after buying them life insurance policies

(Newser) - Two elderly women known as the "Black Widows" have been convicted in a murder plot to obtain life insurance benefits from two homeless men they put up in apartments before killing them. Helen Golay, 77, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, took out a total of $2.8 million in life... More »

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