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Tear Up Your Lawn

Why do we devote so much water to a superficial end?

(Newser) - Matthew Fleischer has always hated lawns as wasteful and useless. But his hate is at a fevered pitch after reading about how the desire for lush green grass in literally draining states dry. America’s lawns and golf courses require about 200 gallons of water per citizen per day. We... More »

Riding Mowers Sputter With US Economy

Housing downturn, gas prices bode ill for icon

(Newser) - Once a symbol of American prosperity, the riding lawnmower is running out of gas, the Washington Post reports. The whole business “is deeply troubled by the decline in housing starts,” said one industry group spokesman. Rising oil prices have also pummeled demand. But what’s really turning lawnmower... More »

Ditch the Lawn, Grow a Garden!

Artist/architect wages war on 'antisocial' front yards

(Newser) - A renegade architect/artist has declared war on an unlikely enemy: the suburban front lawn. To improve what he sees as an “actively antisocial space” which consumes resources and serves no definite purpose, Fritz Haeg is looking to transform lawns into food gardens, reports Men's Vogue. His first four repurposed... More »

3 Stories