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How Scientology Estranged Nicole From Her Kids

Source says Connor, Isabella 'hated' seeing Kidman

(Newser) - More details are leaking from Vanity Fair 's massive Scientology story, and the latest paint a disturbing picture of how the church allegedly estranged Nicole Kidman from the two children she adopted with Tom Cruise. Isabella, now 18, was 8 when Kidman and Cruise divorced; Connor was 6. Kidman... More »

New Celeb Diva: Tom Cruise's Kid?

Connor Cruise cusses out former rep after Patriots tweet

(Newser) - Apparently Connor Cruise takes football very, very seriously: A tweeted joke from one of his former reps after the Super Bowl led Tom Cruise's only son to lash out via text, and may even have led to a split with the rep. It all started when Todd Krim tweeted... More »

Cruise Kid Lands Gig in Will Smith Flick

Tom is 'so proud of' Connor, 13, 'for really doing this on his own'

(Newser) - Which gets you further in Hollywood: having Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as parents or having Will Smith as your close family friend? Either way, Connor Cruise, the famed actors' adopted 13-year-old son, has scored himself a big screen debut in Smith's upcoming drama, "Seven Pounds," More »

3 Stories