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Why This Decanter Will Set You Back $185K

'When we decant a wine, we aren't just pouring it out, we are liberating it'

(Newser) - Is the wine selling the decanter or is the decanter selling the wine? There's no easy answer in the unveiling of a truly prized possession, an imperial (6-liter) decanter called the Aevum Imperial Service Ritual that's meant to house the award-winning 2012 vintage of Australian winemaker Penfolds' Grange... More »

Prince Charles: Save the World, Wear Vintage

Fashion world needs to reduce waste

(Newser) - Fashionistas can do their bit for the planet by wearing more recycled clothes and natural fibers, Prince Charles writes in Vogue . "Fashion clearly makes people feel good, but now it has to do the world good, too, by contributing to the creation of a virtuous circle, with nature protected... More »

Pan Am Lives—in Man's Garage

Trips to Thailand net vintage headphones and the like for cabin mockup

(Newser) - To Anthony Toth, Pan Am was the epitome of airline class, with its top-notch, martini-pouring first-class service and in-flight music so excellent that the United Airlines employee brought along a tape recorder to record it on trips as a boy. Now that he’s 42 and owns a home, he’... More »

The New Science of Vintage Tees

Burning, shooting make new look old

(Newser) - T-shirts were once simple sweat absorbers, then for a few decades they were "movable billboards," but in the 21st century, the "cutting-edge T-shirt is all about the T-shirt," writes Hugo Lindgren in New York magazine. Comfort, not logo or slogan, is the name of the game,... More »

French Uncork World's Oldest Champagne

Critics don't agree about 184-year-old vintage

(Newser) - In honor of its "liquid history," the French champagne house Perrier-Jouët uncorked a bottle of the world's oldest vintage: an 1825 that went straight to critics' heads. "There were flavours of mushrooms, woods and a bit of honey," said one, while another detected "... More »

'07 Not Looking Like Good Year for Bordeaux

Weak quality, futures sales have French winemakers worried

(Newser) - French winemakers are increasingly worried about fizzling sales of futures from the 2007 Bordeaux harvest, AFP reports. Investors and drinkers are skipping the vintage because they expect little increase in price by the time it's ready to drink in 2009; one merchant says reluctance to trim prices shows "avarice... More »

Vintage Baseball: It's Back, It's Way Back

Throwback leagues bring the old hardball spirit to life

(Newser) - Vintage has as much of a niche in sports as in fashion: Old-timey baseball leagues are introducing short-brimmed hats and hardball attitudes to athletes across the country, NPR reports. The most important difference between games of then and now? "Vintage is without a glove. Only sissies wear a mitt,... More »

7 Stories