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Trump Wakes Up to Indignity

The schadenfreude is strong the morning after his Iowa caucus loss

(Newser) - Ted Cruz beat out Donald Trump last night in the Iowa caucuses, and even though Trump gave an uncharacteristically gracious concession speech , he didn't escape the media pokes this morning. A roundup of some of the more irreverent reactions:
  • More than one headline incorporated Trump's trademark "
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Hit Website in France Revels in Humiliation

Self-professed losers share the pain on Vie De Merde

(Newser) - A website inviting users to share tales of misery and humiliation has become one of the most popular sites in France, the Wall Street Journal reports. The editors of "Vie de merde"—roughly, "a crappy life"—sift through about 1,000 submissions a day and post... More »

Mug Shots Are Cheap Thrills for Media, Readers

Print, web outlets get booking photos free, and find lots of fans

(Newser) - Print and web publishers are cashing in a curious American obsession: mug shots. Not just celebrities, whose how-the-mighty-have-fallen appeal is obvious, but pictures of regular folk arrested for pederasty, assault or simply loitering. Web editions of Newsday and the Palm Beach Post, for example, run sections of nothing but booking... More »

'Pollard Fan Club' Mocks Brady

Merchandise celebrates season-ending injury

(Newser) - Some people just can’t play nice. Believe Merch, a website run by a Steelers fan, is selling a shirt to commemorate Tom Brady’s season-ending injury, WFXT reports. The shirt reads “Bernard Pollard Fan Club” and shows Brady’s number 12 with a red line through it. Meanwhile,... More »

Joie de Vivre Sapped, French Turn to Web

Site houses tales of woe, provides outlet, voyeuristic thrill

(Newser) - French website Vie de Merde is receiving all the misery it can handle, Der Spiegel reports. Since its February launch, France’s answer to group therapy (translated "life is shit") has posted 2,400 tales of woe. Another 40,000 are waiting in the wings, says its founder. More »

5 Stories