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Black Church Gets Happy Surprise From Former 'Terrible Racist'

Mystery donor apologizes and sends $2,000 check

(Newser) - A self-confessed former "terrible racist" surprised a Greenville, SC, pastor with a plea for forgiveness—and a fat donation. Rev. Michael Sullivan tells WSPA he was floored when he read the letter signed by "Anonymous Donor." The missive dated May 13 (which can be seen in its... More »

Restaurants See Economy's Effect on Bills

Newest craze is splitting the check, to servers' annoyance

(Newser) - Gone are the days when one friend would insist on picking up the dinner check—and with them, the practice of splitting bills evenly, reports the Chicago Tribune. More and more, newly budget-conscious diners are asking for itemized checks. "Why?" says one restaurant manager. "Because nobody is... More »

Man Tries to Cash $360B Check

21-year-old says girlfriend's mother gave him the money

(Newser) - A 21-year-old Texas man has been busted for attempting to deposit a $360 billion check, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports, stolen from his girlfriend's mother for, he claimed, the purpose of starting his own record label. Suspicious of the sum, the bank called the check’s owner. Arriving police found... More »

Bush Sees Rebate Checks Offsetting 'Slowdown'

Stimulus package hits home(s) next week

(Newser) - Again steering clear of the R-word, President Bush said today that the tax rebates scheduled to be distributed starting next week will "give our economy a boost to help us pull out of this economic slowdown," Bloomberg reports. More »

4 Stories