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Apple Is Like a Failing Religion

And Tim Cook isn't infallible, Heidi Moore argues

(Newser) - Tim Cook had a difficult job to do at yesterday's Goldman Sachs conference. It would be hard for any CEO to explain why a company's share price has lost a third of its value in six months. But Cook "is not just any CEO," points out... More »

Investor to Microsoft: Ditch 'Charlie Brown' Ballmer

David Einhorn calls for Steve Ballmer's head

(Newser) - Big-time hedge fund manager David Einhorn called for Steve Ballmer’s head yesterday, saying Microsoft suffered from “Charlie Brown management.” Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital has been snapping up Microsoft shares, which, he told the Ira Sohn Investment Conference, are at a “remarkable discount” because of Ballmer’s... More »

J'Accuse, Part Deux

Ben Stein's second examination of the financial meltdown

(Newser) - Economist, writer, actor, and lawyer Ben Stein follows up his December excoriation of Goldman Sachs' contribution to the subprime crisis with a look in today's New York Times into how Wall Street executives can get away with reckless behavior at the expense of the public. This time he targets the... More »

3 Stories