Elisabeth Fritzl

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Teens Party in Fritzl Dungeon

'You can play music down there and no one will hear'

(Newser) - For the teens of Amstetten, Austria, Josef Fritzl's dungeon of horrors has been the hot place to party over the last couple of months. Authorities have found empty booze bottles and other party detritus in the warren of rooms where Fritzl kept his daughter Elisabeth as a sex slave for... More »

Jaycee May Never Recover

Overcoming lost years will be a huge challenge, mental health experts say

(Newser) - It will be a struggle for Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters to recover from the years they spent in captivity, writes Karen Kaplan in the LA Times. Psychologists have few comparable cases to draw from, and those that exist are not encouraging. Kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch, of Vienna,... More »

Fritzl Daughter Finds Love With Bodyguard

(Newser) - Elisabeth Fritzl has “renewed strength” after beginning a relationship with her bodyguard, the Telegraph reports. Fritzl, 42, was held captive in an Austrian cellar and raped by her father, Josef, for 24 years; she and her six children by her father are now under police protection. “They are... More »

Remorseful Fritzl: I Want Only the Hardest Punishment

Daughter's testimony convinced him to confess, incest dad says

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl describes intense feelings of remorse in the first interview since his trial, the Telegraph reports. Fritzl, who abruptly switched his plea to guilty in the middle of the proceedings, said his decision was prompted by hearing his daughter describe in court how he imprisoned and habitually raped her:... More »

Fritzl Heads to Plush Psych Cell

He'll have color TV, computer and maybe a pet in unit of Viennese hospital

(Newser) - Austrian monster dad Josef Fritzl will spend his days in far plusher accommodations than his daughter, who was repeatedly raped in her cellar prison for 24 years. Fritzl has been sentenced to life and remanded to a secure psychiatric unit of a Viennese hospital because of what the judge called... More »

Fritzl: 'I Can't Go Back and Change It'

Jury to decide case today

(Newser) - Monster dad Josef Fritzl apologized "from the bottom of my heart" today for keeping his daughter locked in a cellar as a sex slave for 24 years, then added: "I can't go back and change it." Fritzl, 73, made his remarks as an Austrian jury was about... More »

Fritzl's Daughter May Have Secretly Attended Court

(Newser) - An intriguing report has surfaced in the aftermath of Josef Fritzl’s surprise guilty plea, the Times of London reports. Though unconfirmed by lawyers on both sides, various outlets say Fritzl’s daughter, Elisabeth, secretly attended much of the Austrian court proceedings. In fact, one source says her presence may... More »

Fritzl Admits All Charges

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl has pleaded guilty to all counts in the indictment against him, reversing his earlier denial of the most serious counts of enslavement and murder, Reuters reports. Fritzl, who no longer hid his face in the third day of his trial today, said his daughter’s harrowing 11-hour video... More »

Fritzl Gets Counseling for 'Ordeal of Trial'

How about us?

(Newser) - Austria’s most infamous incestuous rapist has access to counseling at the prison where he is housed "to help him through the ordeal of the trial," a prison official said. But the official stressed that Josef Fritzl's care was not out of the ordinary. “There is no... More »

Fritzl Daughter Gives Video Testimony

Will be held on camera; press faces jail for reporting

(Newser) - The judge in Josef Fritzl’s incest trial kicked press and the public out of the court today ahead of Elisabeth Fritzl’s video testimony in a move to protect her identity, the Guardian reports. Her recorded evidence is being played “in small portions,” a court official said,... More »

Fritzl Blames It All on 'Troubled Childhood'

Lawyer says dungeon dad's just a guy who wanted a big family

(Newser) - Apparently Josef Frizl’s mom made him do it. Austria’s most infamous incestuous rapist today told the court he’d committed his awful deeds because he had a “troubled childhood,” the Daily Telegraph reports. Fritzl regaled the court with the story of his early days, showing emotion... More »

Fritzl Admits Rape, Denies Murder

He'll also respond to daughter's taped testimony

(Newser) - Under the cloud of a media frenzy that required a no-fly zone, Josef Fritzl pleaded guilty today in an Austrian courthouse to rape and incest charges linked to the 24-year imprisonment of his daughter, the BBC reports. But the 74-year-old, who entered court with his face covered, pleaded not guilty... More »

Fritzl Trial to Begin Under No-Fly Zone

Dungeon dad claims daughter asked him to kidnap second girl

(Newser) - One of the highest-profile trials Europe has ever seen begins Monday, when Josef Fritzl faces charges of rape, murder, incest, and slavery, the Telegraph reports. Security is incredibly tight—police have gone so far as to declare a no-fly zone over the entire town, fearing that someone will attempt to... More »

Fritzl's Daughter Will Get Profits From TV Tell-All

Creditors agree to unusual deal for Elisabeth, 6 children

(Newser) - Creditors in Austria will donate the proceeds from an interview with Josef Fritzl to the daughter he raped and imprisoned for 24 years, the Austrian Times reports. Elisabeth Fritzl and her six children were about to be left with nothing after creditors divvied up her father’s bankrupt estate, which... More »

Imprisonment Began as Detox for Daughter: Fritzl

(Newser) - Austrian incest dad Josef Fritzl defended his imprisonment of daughter Elisabeth as necessary to stop her abuse of household chemicals, the Daily Mail reports. “She had been sniffing cleaning fluids and I decided I should talk with her in my cellar,” Fritzl said of the day in 1984... More »

Elisabeth Fritzl, Children Leave Hospital

(Newser) - Elisabeth Fritzl was released today from the psychiatric institution where she has been hospitalized since being discovered in April, the Guardian reports. Recuperating with her at the hospital, and also released today, were the six surviving children fathered by Josef Fritzl, who is imprisoned awaiting trial on charges of rape... More »

'Brit Fritzl' Gets Life for Raping Daughters 30 Years

'Worst case' judge has ever seen

(Newser) - A British father has been sentenced to 25 life terms for raping his two daughters over nearly 30 years and impregnating them 19 times, reports the Guardian. Nine of the pregnancies resulted in children, all with genetic abnormalities, and two died at birth. Other pregnancies miscarried or were terminated. The... More »

Fritzl 'Forced Daughter to Reenact Porn'

Charges against incest dad detail how he broke daughter's will

(Newser) - The charges against Josef Fritzl reveal fresh details of the ordeal he put his imprisoned daughter through, including forcing her to watch pornographic films and reenact scenes with him, the Daily Telegraph reports. Fritzl also beat and kicked his daughter, Elisabeth, whom he imprisoned for 24 years in a cellar,... More »

Child Murder Added to Fritzl Charges

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl has been charged with murder in the death of one of the seven children he had with his daughter Elisabeth, the Telegraph reports. Austrian prosecutors say he failed to provide medical care to the child, who fell ill shortly after birth. He later burned the child's body in... More »

Fritzl Bricked Up Own Mother for 21 Years

Monster confesses to new outrage

(Newser) - The Austrian who fathered seven children with the sex-slave daughter he kept locked in a dungeon has confessed to imprisoning his own mother in a bricked-up room for 21 years. Josef Fritzl, 73, locked his mother in a room and bricked over the only window "so that she never... More »

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