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Hoaxters' I-Quit-My-Job Photo Essay Goes Viral

'Jenny' exposes boss as Farmville addict

(Newser) - It's "almost certainly" a hoax, as AllThingsD explains here , but at least it's an entertaining one. The Chive has a series of photos (click here to see them) from a woman who supposedly quits her job as an office assistant via an email to co-workers in which she lays... More »

Brokers Ditch Big Firms, Hang Out Shingles

Exodus sees decline in big Wall Street's share of client money

(Newser) - Independent financial advisers are gaining on the big Wall Street firms in managing personal assets, as more brokers leave companies they see as unreliable or tarnished. Those heading for the exits are taking many of their clients with them, creating a net outflow in 2009 of about $188 billion in... More »

Taiwan Bridles Foreign Wife Brokers

Lawmakers angry over unions built on 'weak foundations'

(Newser) - Taiwan is clamping down on companies that arrange quicky foreign marriages for male customers, the BBC reports. Many Taiwanese men say they fly to Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Vietnam for brides because women in Taiwan are putting off marriage for career. But officials say cross-border weddings are built... More »

NY AG Slaps Schwab With Suit Over Defrauding Clients

(Newser) - The New York attorney general has told Charles Schwab he will sue the brokerage for civil fraud over its marketing of securities to clients, reports the Wall Street Journal. Andrew Cuomo alleges that Schwab's brokers had little understanding of the financial instruments and then failed to inform clients that the... More »

Russian Green Card Marriages Are Big Biz in NY

(Newser) - Russian women are so eager for green cards that one New York-area weekly devotes an entire page to marriage ads, the New York Post reports. A Post reporter, posing as an immigrant angling for a green card, contacted a marriage broker and got the going rate: $31,500, $6,500... More »

Brokers Bail on Wall Street

Commissions shrinking as investors turn away from stocks

(Newser) - A rising number of stock brokers are abandoning the industry as markets fall and commissions dry up, the Wall Street Journal reports. More brokers have already departed this year than in any of the last 15 years, and experts expect the exodus to continue as investors shift assets out of... More »

Madoff Scandal Turns Up Heat on Financial Advisers

Loophole lets Madoff types profit from bad advice, they say

(Newser) - Wall Street advisers and brokers are tussling over the details of a looming regulatory overhaul as Washington takes steps to prevent another Bernard Madoff scandal, Bloomberg reports. Advisers want brokers who counsel clients to be subject to the same oversight they’re under; currently, their brokerage counterparts can profit by... More »

Stockbrokers in High Demand on Back-to-Basics Wall St.

Some, unlike disgraced investment bankers and traders, even command bonuses

(Newser) - With investment bankers and trading desks disgraced by crippling losses, the everyday stockbroker is enjoying a renaissance as Wall Street firms look to stay relevant to customers and investors, the Wall Street Journal reports. The likely deal between Morgan Stanley and Citigroup that would create the world’s largest brokerage... More »

Nine Inch Nails Pinch Scalpers

New online strategy aims to get tix straight to fans

(Newser) - Nine Inch Nails aims to outmaneuver scalpers and undercut premium ticket brokers with an online strategy during an upcoming summer concert tour, Reuters reports. Tickets will be sold directly to fans registered on the band's website beginning 72 hours before each concert date. Organizers hope tight ID restrictions will ensure... More »

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