age of sexual consent

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Cops: Woman Had Sex With Boyfriend's Brother, 15

... while her boyfriend was in prison

(Newser) - It's your standard crime-blotter love story: Boy meets girl, boy goes to prison, girl takes a shine to his underage brother, and girl gets arrested on charges of having sex with a minor. Arizona police say Tanner Victory, 31, had sex with the 15-year-old brother of her imprisoned beau... More »

Gay-Marriage Foe Sticks to Views on Pedophilia

Allowing marriage would lead to lower consent age for teens

(Newser) - A proponent of California's same-sex marriage ban testified today that he thinks gays are more likely to be pedophiles and that allowing them to wed would lead to efforts to lower the age at which teenagers can legally have sex with adults. Lawyers seeking to overturn Proposition 8 called Hak-Shing... More »

It's Time We Confront 'Not Rape'

In gray area of sex violations, models are especially vulnerable

(Newser) - The definition of rape needs an update—more and more, men prey on young girls who are made to feel they are complicit in "a million male behaviors that are not so much rape as rape-ish,” and models are especially vulnerable, writes one in Jezebel. In a look... More »

Barely Illegal: 16 Jailbait Films

Nerve looks at the Sweet 16 of young Hollywood sexuality

(Newser) - As the recent uproar over Miley Cyrus “back-gate” revealed, the taboo topic of teenage sexuality never strays far from the American psyche. Nerve lists 16 films that walk the fine line between sexual initiation and legal deviation.
  1. Lolita: A British professor marries the mother to get to the oh-so-young
... More »

Canada Raises Age of Sexual Consent to 16

Measure targets Internet sexual predators

(Newser) - Canada increased the minimum age of sexual consent by 2 years to 16 today, the Canadian Press reports. The law is intended to snare sexual predators who prey on 14- and 15-year-olds, and exempts sex that occurs between two individuals less than five years apart in age. Canada's age of... More »

5 Stories