Amityville Horror

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Amityville Horror House Up for Sale

Owner seeks $1.15M for famous murder site

(Newser) - The Long Island house made famous by the Amityville Horror movie has hit the market for $1.15 million, horrors not included. A family of 6 was murdered in the home in 1975, and the movie was loosely based on the haunting the next family to move in claimed to... More »

America's Most Haunted

Murders, ghostly encounters add mystery to historic sites

(Newser) - Your local graveyard may be creepy, but mazelike mansions and murderous history make up LifeScience’s list of the most haunted places in America:
  1. Winchester Mystery House: More than 100 rooms and staircases leading nowhere fill this San Jose, Calif., mansion, built by its paranoid owner to ward off ghosts.
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2 Stories