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Tibet Nun, 18, Sets Self Ablaze

Free Tibet says teen died from injuries as tension escalates

(Newser) - An 18-year-old Tibetan nun has set herself on fire in western China in the latest such protest against Beijing's handling of the vast ethnic Tibetan regions it rules, an overseas activist group said today. Free Tibet said in a statement that the nun had died after setting herself ablaze... More »

Restive Tibet on Lockdown

Phone, Internet cut after violent unrest

(Newser) - Following a series of violent clashes in Ganzi, China appears to have put Tibet on lockdown. Phone and Internet have been cut, and military and police are pouring into the region to restrict movement. The west of Sichuan province, which borders Tibet and has a large population of ethnic Tibetans,... More »

Tibetan Nun Sets Self on Fire, Marking 11th Incident

She reportedly called for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet

(Newser) - The number of self-immolations to occur among Tibetans in recent months can no longer be counted on two hands: A Tibetan nun died today after setting herself ablaze. It's the 11th such incident to occur in southwest China since March, and the second by a nun ; the AFP reports... More »

Another Tibetan Monk Burns Himself to Death

Tsewang Norbu dies in self-immolation protest

(Newser) - A Tibetan Buddhist monk set himself on fire today in southwest China while calling out the Dalai Lama's name, the latest in a string of self-immolation protests in that country as well as North Africa. Tsewang Norbu, 29, "drank petrol, sprayed petrol on himself, and then set himself... More »

Tibet Monk Sets Self on Fire to Protest Chinese Rule

Self-immolation sets off protests

(Newser) - A Tibetan monk set off a protest today in western China by setting himself on fire, according to a group campaigning for Tibetan independence. The monk, a 21-year-old from an ethnically Tibetan part of Sichuan province, “immolated himself today in protest against the crackdown,” the International Campaign for... More »

China Closing Tibet to Tourists

Foreign tours on hold as protest anniversary nears

(Newser) - Tibet has been declared off-limits to foreign tourists as the anniversary of protests against Chinese rule nears. Dozens of people died in March 2008 when Tibetans took to the streets of Lhasa on the anniversary of a 1959 uprising, and many more are believed to have died in the ensuing... More »

Tibet's Long History of Isolation

Since 1800s, governments have secluded region from world

(Newser) - Isolation has long defined Tibet and fueled the region's exotic history, Edward Wong writes in the New York Times. While China's recent clampdown is purely political—this is the 50th anniversary of an attempted uprising—natural remoteness and anti-imperialist struggles have also sealed its borders. “A large element of... More »

Tibet Under Martial Law as Revolt Anniversary Nears

Protests are simmering under curfew and heavy police presence

(Newser) - China is quietly clamping down on Tibet ahead of twin anniversaries this month—the 50th of the Dalai Lama's failed revolt and the first of the violent riots that shook the region last year. Sandbag outposts, army convoys, and high police presence in Lhasa, Tibet's capital, indicate Beijing is readying... More »

China Releases, Deports US Tibet Protesters

American officials 'disappointed' by China's 'intolerance'

(Newser) - Eight Americans arrested in China last week after staging a pro-Tibet protests have been freed from jail and deported following US pressure for their release, reports the BBC. The protesters faced up to 10 days in detention for unfurling a “Free Tibet” banner near an Olympic site and staging... More »

Cops Turn China Protesters Into Propaganda

Beijing police feed arrested visitors fried chicken, deport them

(Newser) - The Rev. Patrick Mahoney posed for pictures during his interrogation in Beijing—half of it, anyway. Over 7 hours, police ran a classic good cop/bad cop routine on Mahoney, who had unfurled a “Jesus Christ is King” banner in Tiananmen Square, he tells the Washington Post. "They wanted... More »

China Arrests Free Tibet Demonstrators

Authorities take away American protesters in Beijing park

(Newser) - Chinese police arrested five American protesters who blocked the entrance to a park in Beijing while shouting "Free Tibet!", Reuters reports. The demonstrators were associated with Students for a Free Tibet, who said there were eight in total. It remains unknown where the protesters have been taken. More »

China Bans Tibetan Flags At Olympic Event

Beijing leaders hope to head off protests in Hong Kong

(Newser) - Tibetan flags will be banned from all Olympic equestrian events in Hong Kong under rules aimed at heading off political protests inside competition venues, organizers said today. While China has tightened visa restrictions to keep out protesters during the Olympics, activists could demonstrate in Hong Kong, which grants visa-free access... More »

Nepal Detains 560 Tibetan Women

Cracks down on 3 all-female protests against China

(Newser) - Nepalese authorities today arrested 560 Tibetan women, including Buddhist nuns, for protesting China's actions in three all-female rallies across Kathmandu. They marked the first protests of their kind, and the largest round-up since China's crackdown in the region in March; the prisoners will be freed later. Nepal, home to 20,... More »

Tibetans Storm Chinese Embassy in Nepal

200 protesters detained, including monks and nuns

(Newser) - At least 300 Tibetan protesters, many of them monks and nuns, stormed the Chinese embassy in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu today. The demonstrators threw debris into the embassy compound and tried to break down the gates. "We want our freedom. Stop China!" they chanted. Some 200 protesters... More »

Olympic Flame Lit Atop Everest

Display designed to counter protests

(Newser) - Chinese and Tibetan climbers lit an OIympic torch at the top of Mount Everest today, the BBC reports. The climbers unfurled Chinese and Olympic flags and chanted slogans for TV cameras beaming their images live onto the nation's TVs. The Chinese hope the elaborate stunt will counter the damage from... More »

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