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Abandoned Horse Emerges From Wintry Wilderness

Valentine is OK, but there's now a Wyoming state investigation

(Newser) - Men working for an excursion outfitter in Wyoming were forced to leave behind a 6-year-old horse last fall after a 16-mile trek when she suddenly seemed deathly ill and couldn't move. They left Valentine to get the other animals to safety, and when they went back for her the... More »

Feds Prod Theranos in Criminal Probe

SEC, DoJ now involved in investigations into blood-testing company

(Newser) - A success story gone sour has taken a new turn for Theranos and founder Elizabeth Holmes, with the SEC and the US attorney's office for the Northern District of California now conducting criminal investigations to determine whether the blood-testing company misled investors and others about its technologies, CNNMoney reports.... More »

Feds Subpoena Chipotle in Norovirus Outbreak

Looks like that food poisoning in California is leading to all sorts of problems

(Newser) - Sickened customers and employees, bad publicity, and tumbling stock prices were apparently just the beginning of Chipotle's woes. Now the restaurant chain has been slapped with a federal subpoena as part of a criminal investigation into a food poisoning outbreak in August, the AP reports. The subpoena received in... More »

Feds Hit Armstrong With Criminal Probe

Cyclist investigated for 'obstruction, witness tampering, and intimidation'

(Newser) - Contrary to comments yesterday by a US attorney, federal agents are investigating Lance Armstrong for criminal activity, ABC News reports. "Agents are actively investigating Armstrong for obstruction, witness tampering, and intimidation," says a source. US attorney Andre Birotte, who yesterday said feds wouldn't charge Armstrong, "does... More »

Feds Eye Criminal Charges in Libor Scandal

Justice Department building case that could jail bankers

(Newser) - At long last, an investigation into a major financial scandal appears to be going criminal, as the Justice Department is building a case against several banks involved in the Libor rate-rigging scandal . Sources say Justice could file criminal charges against at least one bank by the end of the year,... More »

WikiLeaks Criminal Probe Under Way

White House orders classified-document security review

(Newser) - A criminal investigation is under way into WikiLeaks' release of hundreds of thousands of classified documents, Reuters reports. “To the extent that we can find anybody who was involved in the breaking of American law,” said Attorney General Eric Holder, “they will be held responsible, they will... More »

FDIC Launches 50 Criminal Inquiries of Failed Banks

But it won't name names yet

(Newser) - The FDIC has launched criminal investigations targeting around 50 executives, directors, and employees from banks that failed during the financial crisis. Regulators won’t say which banks or executives are under investigation yet, but did tell the Wall Street Journal that banks of all sizes from across the country are... More »

ACLU Clamoring for Criminal Probe of Bush

Slam ex-prez over authorizing waterboarding

(Newser) - The ACLU and some US officials are calling for a criminal investigation of George W. Bush after he acknowledged directly authorizing the use of waterboarding ("damn right") in Decision Points and throughout his book tour, the Huffington Post reports. “The admission cannot be ignored,” wrote the... More »

Feds Focus Crime Probe on Karzai Brother

Afghan president's bro linked to tax evasion, extortion

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors in New York have launched a corruption investigation into business operations belonging to Afghan president Hamid Karzai's brother. Mamood Karzai, who is a US citizen, is being probed for tax evasion, extortion, and racketeering that may be linked in part to US loans he obtained to build his... More »

Search for Missing Ore. Boy Shifts to Criminal Inquiry

Boy had hoped to be police investigator when he grew up

(Newser) - Oregon cops trying to track down missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman are reclassifying the case as a criminal investigation, scaling back the largest search operation the state has seen, reports ABC News. "We will keep a contingent of local search and rescue crews on call to respond to any tip,... More »

US Opens Criminal Inquiry Into Oil Spill

Holder: 'We will be extremely forceful'

(Newser) - Attorney General Eric Holder said today that federal authorities have opened criminal and civil investigations into the Gulf oil spill. The developments were expected, and the Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend that the scope of the criminal inquiry seems larger than a mere formality even in these early... More »

Feds Move Toward Criminal Inquiry of BP

Investigators looking into whether it skirted federal law

(Newser) - The Justice Department appears to be very serious about bringing criminal charges against BP. A preliminary investigation is under way into whether the company skirted federal safety laws and then misled officials about its ability to plug the leak, reports the Los Angeles Times . Such investigations are often formalities, but... More »

Morgan Stanley Hit With Criminal Investigation

Prosecutors looking into mortgage deals

(Newser) - Looks like Goldman Sachs might have some company. Federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into some of Morgan Stanley's mortgage derivative deals, the Wall Street Journal reports. Morgan Stanley created several mortgage-backed CDOs that it then bet against. Some it marketed itself, while others were sold by Citigroup and... More »

Roethlisberger, Cops Took Pics Before Alleged Assault

One wrote up first report without mentioning star QB

(Newser) - Hours before investigating a sexual-assault complaint against Ben Roethlisberger, a Georgia police officer posed for photos with the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback. And though Milledgeville Sgt. Jerry Blash later wrote a skeletal report that didn’t even mention Roethlisberger, 28, “the photographs did not and have not affected the investigation... More »

Sweat Lodge Guru Sat in Shade as Victims Roasted

'You are not going to die,' James Arthur Ray told those inside

(Newser) - James Arthur Ray sat outside a sweat lodge in a shaded chair as the guru’s adherents died inside, and even discouraged onlookers from aiding those struggling with the intense heat, say newly released police documents. It would be “sacrilegious” to disassemble the structure, he told one woman who... More »

Holder to Probe CIA Torture Cases: Officials

Special prosecutor will pursue agents who took things 'too far'

(Newser) - Attorney General Eric Holder is planning to name a special prosecutor to probe cases of alleged CIA torture of terror suspects, the Los Angeles Times reports. Insiders say the narrowly focused inquiry will aim to determine "whether people went beyond the techniques that were authorized" in the so-called torture... More »

DEA Hits Jacko Doc's Office

(Newser) - A task force of federal drug-enforcement agents, Los Angeles detectives, and local police raided the Houston offices of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor today, ABC News reports. Sources say a search warrant was obtained based on preliminary autopsy results linking Jackson’s death to an anesthetic used only in hospitals.... More »

Americans Want Torture Investigation: Poll

(Newser) - Two-thirds of Americans want an investigation into alleged Bush administration misdeeds, including torture and warrantless wiretapping, a USA Today/Gallup poll shows. Forty percent of respondents would like to see criminal probes; one-quarter would prefer investigations without the possibility of criminal charges. And even more—70% of those surveyed—said the... More »

Bong Owner Tried to Get $100K on eBay

Eight partygoers have been arrested; Phelps not among them

(Newser) - The bong case grows. Eight people in Columbia, SC, have been arrested on drug charges stemming from the infamous frat party that Michael Phelps attended, WIS-TV reports. Those eight do not include Phelps himself, but they do include the bong's owner, who reportedly tried to sell it on eBay for... More »

Feds Start Criminal Probe Into Salmonella Outbreak

FDA, Justice Dept. team up for investigation of Georgia peanut plant

(Newser) - The federal government has begun a criminal investigation into the peanut-driven salmonella outbreak, after it was revealed that a supplier shipped product that initially tested positive for the bacteria, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The House has called representatives from two testing labs, which certified negative results, to testify. Peanut Corp.... More »

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