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Man Realizes How Much Sugar Is in Cereals, Sues Kellogg's

Judge refuses to completely dismiss lawsuit

(Newser) - Kellogg's will appear in court to defend the amount of sugar contained in cereals and other breakfast products it claims are healthy, Courthouse News reports. The class-action lawsuit was brought by Stephen Hadley, who says he ate Kellogg's products for breakfast for years and believed he was making... More »

Breitbart Has Declared War on Kellogg

Conservative site fumes over ad pull

(Newser) - In a development future historians may see as quintessentially 2016, has declared war on Kellogg. The news site's declaration of "#WAR" and call for a boycott came after Kellogg announced that it will no longer advertise on the right-wing site because it isn't "aligned... More »

Man Filmed Himself Peeing on Rice Krispies at Plant

The act occured in 2014

(Newser) - The Kellogg Company says producing quality food is "of the utmost importance"—a sentiment apparently ignored by the guy who urinated on a conveyor belt at one of its plants. A video of the act filmed by the man himself and recently posted to a viral video site... More »

Corn Flakes Invented to Curb Masturbation

Guess John Harvey Kellogg preferred mastication

(Newser) - Kellogg's Corn Flakes sure are tasty, crunchy, and a great cure for masturbation. Sorry, the last bit's not true—but it's partly why John Harvey Kellogg and his brother invented the cereal back in 1878, Real Clear Science reports. An outspoken surgeon, writer, and medical chief at... More »

Here's the Truth About Froot Loops

They're all the same flavor. Gasp!

(Newser) - You might want to sit down for this: Froot Loops, variably colored though they may be, are all the same flavor. That piece of investigative work comes to you courtesy of Foodbeast and Reddit , but the information isn't exactly new: The Straight Dope revealed it back in 1999, but... More »

Kellogg Recalls Cereal Over ... Glass Shards

Special K with red berries might be a little too crunchy

(Newser) - Fans of Special K will want to note this recall alert from Kellogg: Some packages of the cereal with red berries might have glass fragments, reports ABC News . Sound familiar? Yep, Lean Cuisine had a similar recall recently. The Kellogg recall, presumably from a production snafu, affects packages of 11.... More »

Kellogg Recalls Cereal Over Metal Fragments

Bite-size Mini-Wheats might be too crunchy

(Newser) - Kellogg may not have a ton of recalls, but it definitely has interesting ones. The latest involves frosted and unfrosted Mini-Wheats because of "the possible presence of fragments of flexible metal mesh from a faulty manufacturing part,” the company explains . It follows a bigger recall of several cereals... More »

Potatoes Make Junk Food —but They're Not Junk

Mark Bittman: Corn, potatoes don't deserve their bad rap

(Newser) - Corn and potatoes get a bad rap, due to the fact that we mainly consume them in junk food form. But corn and potatoes themselves are, Mark Bittman reminds us in the New York Times , "real food"—unlike, say, Pringles, which are potato chips that contain just 42%... More »

Kellogg to Mayan Group: Drop 'Toucan Sam-Like' Logo

Nonprofit: Our toucan looks nothing like your cartoon

(Newser) - The toucan is native to Mesoamerica, which is why the Maya Archaeology Initiative , a group that defends Mayan culture, chose to use the bird as its logo. Of course, the toucan is also native to boxes of Kellogg Co.’s Froot Loops cereal—and now the company wants the... More »

7 Companies Built Around Really Old Products

Barbies, tires, and Corn Flakes rule these companies

(Newser) - Popular, decades-old products can be a blessing and a curse. For some businesses, these tried-and-true items account for a large chunk of sales. But if a newer, hipper, better product comes along...? 24/7 Wall St. looks at seven companies whose fame and fortune largely rests on aging products:
  • Kellogg:
... More »

Kellogg's 'Immunity' Claim Stokes H1N1 Ire

Company profiting from parents' swine flu fears, critics charge

(Newser) - Kellogg's claim that its cereal has immunity-boosting powers is a cheap way to capitalize on parents' swine flu fears, critics tell USA Today . "This one belongs in the hall of fame," says the director of Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. The boxes in question announce... More »

Upbeat Earnings Have CEOs Singing Rebound

(Newser) - CEOs and investors have springs in their steps. After a week full of positive earnings reports, many now believe worst is over, the Wall Street Journal reports. Yesterday saw a slew of reports that matched or beat estimates, including Motorola, Goodyear, Sony, and Kellogg Co. The economy “has found... More »

Phelps Helps SF Food Bank Tame Munchies

Swimmer's bong photo, ban lead to donation of 2 tons of cereal

(Newser) - The amateur paparazzo who snapped Michael Phelps holding a bong helped indirectly bring a little good to the world: Kellogg's, which dumped the Olympian after the photo came to light, donated nearly 2 tons of Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes in boxes bearing Phelps' winning smile to the San Francisco... More »

America Loves Her Creamiest Crop

Peanut butter isn't just a dietary staple here; it's a cultural icon

(Newser) - “What’s more sacred than peanut butter?” Sen. Tom Harkin asked last week while scolding the company responsible for the recent peanut-butter-driven salmonella outbreak. Brian Palmer takes a look at American's PB love affair in Slate, and finds that while peanuts have been eaten in the US for more... More »

Kellogg's Faces Pro-Phelps Backlash

Fans launch boycott, slam company with wave of complaints

(Newser) - Kellogg's decision to drop Michael Phelps’ sponsorship deal has created an angry wave of would-be cereal killers, the Baltimore Sun reports. A Facebook group urging consumers to boycott the company has hit 5,000 members and is growing fast. Pro-marijuana groups are also calling for a boycott, labeling the company's... More »

Subway Keeps Phelps on Board

Fast-food chain 'accepts his apology' but plans to shelve TV ads for now

(Newser) - Subway is sticking with Michael Phelps despite his bong-tarnished image, Advertising Age reports. One day after Kellogg dropped the Olympian over his marijuana use, Subway said it was "disappointed with his behavior," but, "like most Americans, we accept his apology. Moving forward, he remains in our... More »

Phelps Penalty Misses Point

Swimmer, clueless on dry land, should be forced back into pool as community service

(Newser) - US swimming authorities flopped in their decision to suspend Michael Phelps from competition, George Vecsey writes in the New York Times. Now Phelps “has more time to wander into parties and hold interesting-looking objects up to his face and say, ‘Hey, dude, what’s this?’” Instead, the... More »

Phelps' Toke Shouldn't Cause Such a Splash

He goes to great lengths to win, and it's the same with relaxing; embarrassment is punishment enough

(Newser) - Michael Phelps’ reputation shouldn't go up in smoke just because he was caught indulging in a drug an estimated 42% of Americans have tried, Sally Jenkins writes in the Washington Post. Phelps, like most great athletes, is a creature of extremes, and nobody should be surprised that when he breaks... More »

Salmonella Fears Spur Peanut Butter Cracker Recall

Austin, Keebler offerings pulled as 'precautionary' measure

(Newser) - Kellogg is warning consumers not to eat its Austin and Keebler brand peanut butter crackers because a supplier has been linked to the salmonella outbreak, CNN reports. The precautionary notice recommends customers "hold the product until we have more information." The snack maker is freezing inventory and pulling... More »

How Cereal Shaped America

Charting the evolution and influence of the grain-based breakfast

(Newser) - We might be eating hockey pucks for breakfast if a 19th-century kitchen accident hadn’t turned John Kellogg’s “barely edible” biscuits into today’s far-tastier flakes, Ian Lender writes in Mental Floss. “The cereal flake is the perfect consumer product,” he says, looking at how cereal... More »

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