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'Nixonian' Applies to Fox, Not Obama

For starters, Tricky Dick henchman Roger Ailes runs the network

(Newser) - Pundits have been decrying the Obama administration’s “Nixonian” attack on Fox News—and that’s ridiculous, writes Joe Conason of Salon. The president’s within his rights to avoid or criticize an organization that won’t treat him fairly, and that definitely describes Fox. The network is run... More »

Book: Dean Ordered Watergate Break-In

Ex-White House counsel rips claim as 'pathetic'

(Newser) - White House counsel John Dean ordered the Watergate break-in that ended up bringing down his own president, according to a new book on the political bungle of the century. Author James Rosen, Fox News Washington correspondent, said he reached that conclusion after extensive research for his book, The Strong Man:... More »

2 Stories