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Owner on Jeep Ending Up in Lake: 'I Was Speechless'

Friends who'd borrowed her vehicle were led into Lake Champlain by Google's Waze app

(Newser) - "I was speechless." That's how the owner of a Jeep tells WCAX she reacted when she heard said Jeep had ended up at the bottom of Lake Champlain. How Tara Guertin's vehicle got there: She says friends who were driving it were misled by faulty directions... More »

GPS Told Him Where to Go. He Shouldn't Have Listened

Driver in China tells cops he didn't realize dirt road led straight to water

(Newser) - Why do people climb mountains? Because they're there. Why do they drive their cars into rivers? Because their GPS told them to. Mashable reports that's the experience of a man in China's Anhui province, where police had to spend a good portion of their day pulling a... More »

Whoops: Malaysia Airlines Plane Flies the Wrong Way

Pilot noticed plane out of New Zealand was flying south instead of north

(Newser) - Searchers are still looking for the rest of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 , while the airline's Flight 17 downed in Ukraine remains the subject of a criminal investigation . Now a new incident has come to light, and it isn't likely to help the airline's reputation: A Christmas Day... More »

Airline Warned of Runway Glitch Before Buffalo Crash

(Newser) - Add this to the mix in the Buffalo plane crash: Southwest Airlines warned its pilots just weeks ago about a landing glitch involving the same runway the Continental flight was destined for, CNN reports. It seems an earthen dam near the runway interferes with signals in a so-called instruments landing,... More »

US Navy Jet Buzzes Curacao, Venezuela Furious

Drug patrol jet violation 'deliberate,' officials claim

(Newser) - A US Navy drug-patrol plane violated Venuzuelan airspace Saturday night, exacerbating  the  already-tense relationship between the two nations. The S-3 Viking, used to spot and attack drug-running ships, flew over the line near the island of Curacao, reports CNN. The pilot realized he made a navigational error, contacted a Venezuela... More »

5 Stories