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Dr Pepper Ads Want You to Sip, Not Guzzle

New campaign says the soda tastes better when consumed slowly

(Newser) - Facing flagging sales, 123-year-old Dr Pepper is capitalizing on “scientific” research that suggests it tastes better when you drink it slowly, the Wall Street Journal reports. Dr Pepper’s marketers are launching a campaign using “fake doctors to deliver this quasi science,” says an ad exec. Basketballer... More »

Cellphone Sales Drop

Recession driving down sales

(Newser) - The cellphone market is experiencing a significant sales slide, with the most serious decline so far among lower-income users, reports the Wall Street Journal. Studies reveal first quarter sales dips ranging from 5% to  22%. Analysts expect growth to slow even further. The market may be reaching saturation with 83%... More »

2 Stories