Los Cabos

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Jimena, Nearly Category 5, Targets Baja

Hurricane could hit Los Cabos resorts tomorrow night

(Newser) - Hurricane Jimena, nearly strong enough to be classified as the most serious category of storm, could hit the resort-heavy southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula by tomorrow evening, the Los Angeles Times reports. Jimena’s winds are at 155mph, at the top end of Category 4. An international economics... More »

Best Hotels for Star Sightings

Tips on staying where the celebs stay, the world over

(Newser) - Ensure your vacation pics won't bore your friends by holing up in a lavish resort populated with A-list celebs. Travel+Leisure lists 10 hotels fit for the pages of US Weekly:
  1. George Clooney was spotted at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, where each 6,500-square-foot villa has a private courtyard with
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2 Stories