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Woman Meets Her 'Egg,' Calls It 'Mind-Bending'

Amy Throckmorton meets college student born from her egg nearly 20 years ago

(Newser) - On Monday, Amy Throckmorton posted what she said was a "funny story" on Facebook , and it was definitely a doozy. "In college I was an egg donor," the married California mom of three wrote. "Today, I met that egg." The egg in question: University of... More »

Looking for a Sperm or Egg Donor? Swipe Right

The new app 'Just a Baby' has some people on edge

(Newser) - Want a baby but not able to conceive biologically? Know how to use Tinder? A new app called Just a Baby now lets people browse sperm donors, egg donors, surrogates, co-parents, and even old-fashioned partners as if they're dating online, and it's ruffling a few feathers, per NBC... More »

How Much Money Are Body Parts Worth?

A UK reporter tries to sell various pars of herself

(Newser) - How much money could you earn by selling bits and pieces of your body? British journalist Storm Theunissen sought to find out, and despite legal limitations, "it turns out pretty much everything God gave us can be sold," she writes in the Guardian . Some of her findings:
  • Hair:
... More »

Asian Women Who 'Donate' Eggs Can Make Big Money

With demand high, figure $10k to $20k, or more

(Newser) - The old-fashioned law of supply and demand brings this quirk in the world of egg donors: Young Asian women in the US can make way more than others, reports the Los Angeles Times . Demand is so high, they can easily get $10,000 to $20,000, as opposed to about... More »

Higher SATs Mean More Cash for Egg Donors

Some worry about commodification as prices approach $35K

(Newser) - Smarter women—or at least those who test well—get paid more to donate eggs. "Holding all else equal, an increase of 100 SAT points in the score of a typical incoming student increased the compensation offered to oocyte donors at that college or university by $2,350,"... More »

British Fertility Clinic Raffles Off American Egg

Promotion for transatlantic service sparks controversy

(Newser) - A London fertility clinic has sparked controversy with a raffle sidestepping British laws by offering women a chance to win an American egg of their choice. Paying egg donors more than expenses is illegal in Britain, but the clinic is offering to fly the winner—who will be allowed to... More »

Stem-Cell Researchers Can Pay Women for Eggs: NY

State stands alone in controversial decision

(Newser) - Counter to prevailing policies and scientific guidelines, New York has become the first state to allow publicly funded embryonic stem-cell researchers to pay women for their eggs. It lifts a huge obstacle for research, proponents say, likening it to eggs donated for in-vitro fertilization. But the $10,000 could be... More »

Cash-Poor? Hit the Blood Bank—and Get Career Advice

(Newser) - Blood and other bodily fluids are hot sellers these days as donors line up to pocket quick cash in a plunging economy, ABC News reports. Seeing an increase in traffic, blood banks are campaigning to boost it higher, one at Stanford University even offering resumé and job interview advice to... More »

More Women Trying to Cash In by Donating Eggs

(Newser) - In an unusual sign of the slowing economy, more women are applying to donate eggs or become surrogate mothers at fertility clinics, reports the Wall Street Journal. Surrogates can make about $25,000; while eggs usually sell for $3,000 to $8,000, one agency's ad offers $25,000 for... More »

Sperm Donors May Lose Anonymity

Kids' rights, health issues push clinics to look at national registry

(Newser) - The halcyon days of anonymous sperm donation may draw to a close, Newsweek reports, as children's rights and health issues prompt the country’s top three sperm banks to consider a national registry for sperm and egg donors. The list may allow recipients to learn about inherited health risks, and... More »

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