Great War

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90 Years On, It's Still the War to End All Wars

Across Europe, World War I remains the defining conflict of modern times

(Newser) - Ninety years ago today the Allies and Germany signed the armistice that ended World War I, a conflict of unprecedented brutality and expense. But where today Americans celebrate Veterans Day, a commemoration of wars' survivors, in Europe the mood is "altogether more somber," historian Alexander Watson writes in... More »

Oldest WWI Veteran, 107, Looks Back

KC ceremonies honor last living doughboy, enlistee at 16

(Newser) - Memorial Day observances in Kansas City this weekend had a very special guest: the last surviving American veteran of the Great War. Frank Buckles, 107, who hoodwinked a recruiter to enlist in 1917, was honored today at the World War I Museum, Fox 4 News reports. "I was gung-ho,... More »

2 Stories