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Sean Spicer Is Ready to 'Set the Record Straight'

So former press secretary is writing a book about his 'turbulent tenure' in the White House

(Newser) - He had a short run in the White House, but his "turbulent tenure" was apparently long enough for Sean Spicer to write a book. That's what Politico reports the former White House press secretary is currently in the midst of doing, with Spicer revealing to Fox News' Sean... More »

Sorry, SNL, Spicer Is Still Leaving

Some wondered if he'd stay after Scaramucci implosion, but WH official says no

(Newser) - With Scaramucci out, is Sean Spicer back in? That question has surfaced after the White House communications director was unceremoniously dumped earlier this week (Scaramucci's hire was the reported reason why press secretary Spicer left in the first place). But a senior White House official tells Reuters that Spicer,... More »

Spicer's Public Role May Be Downsized: Sources

They say Trump doesn't want him behind the podium as much

(Newser) - Expect to see a lot less of Sean Spicer. Sources tell Politico the White House press secretary will see his public role scaled way back after President Trump returns from his first foreign trip as president. They say Trump has come to "dread" Spicer's daily press briefings, which... More »

Spicer Apologizes for Hitler Gaffe

Democratic, Jewish groups want him to quit

(Newser) - Sean Spicer has had another try at walking back his comments about Hitler not using chemical weapons —and this time, he didn't use the phrase "Holocaust centers." The White House press secretary told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Tuesday evening that he was "trying to make... More »

Top Senators Reject Trump Wiretap Claim

White House stands by accusation

(Newser) - The White House is standing by its explosive allegation that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower phones—despite the Senate Intelligence Committee's finding that there's no evidence for the claim. "Based on the information available to us, we see no indications that Trump... More »

Spicer Slammed for 'Flat-Out Not True' Gitmo Claim

He makes new error correcting Trump tweet

(Newser) - Like many things these days, it started with a tweet from President Trump: He claimed Tuesday that 122 "vicious prisoners" released from Guantanamo by the Obama administration had returned to the battlefield. All but nine of those had in fact been released under George W. Bush, Politico reports, but... More »

Anyone Know What This @PressSec Tweet Means?

Could be a butt-dial, a cry for help, his Twitter password ...

(Newser) - Was one of Sean Spicer's kids messing around with his cellphone? Or did Vicente Fox's latest tweet rattle the new White House press secretary? Speculation is running rampant, per the Daily Dot , after Spicer sent out a cryptic early-morning tweet Thursday that has since been deleted, but …... More »

Trump Picks White House Press Secretary

While filling out the rest of the communications team

(Newser) - Donald Trump announced his White House communications team Thursday with former RNC communications director Sean Spicer nabbing the role of White House press secretary, Politico reports. The rest of the team will be Hope Hicks as strategic communications director, Jason Miller as communications director, and Dan Scavino as social media... More »

Reagan's Press Sec James Brady Dead at 73

Took bullet in assassination attempt, became leading voice for gun control

(Newser) - James Brady, the White House press secretary shot in the1981 assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan who went on to become a leading voice in the fight for gun control, has died at the age of 73, reports NBC . "We are enormously proud of Jim's remarkable accomplishments," said... More »

The GOP Needs a Voice

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner won't cut it, Daniel Henniger argues

(Newser) - President Obama's press conference this week drew front-page coverage from all the major papers, but Mitch McConnell and John Boehner's responses were buried. "Media bias? No, media reality," writes Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal . "It isn't that no one is listening to... More »

Romney Aide to Reporters: 'Kiss My...'

Rick Gorka loses it in Poland

(Newser) - The gaffes keep rolling for Mitt Romney's weeklong overseas trip: As the traveling press corps lobbed questions at the candidate in Poland yesterday, frustrated at having had just three queries answered since Thursday, a Romney aide decided he'd had enough. Traveling Press Secretary Rick Gorka first demanded that... More »

Gibbs: I'm Stepping Down, Becoming Political Adviser

Press secretary will also hit the speech circuit

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs confirms that he's part of the long-rumored White House shakeup today, telling the New York Times that he'll leave the job in early February to become a political adviser. He's also looking to pick up a little loot on the speaking circuit. A successor is expected to be... More »

Gibbs Likely to Go In White House Shakeup

Sources say White House press secretary considering 2012 campaign role

(Newser) - White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs—who recently told reporters no major administration reshuffle was on the way—is likely to be headed for the exit himself as part of the overhaul, according to Politico. Gibbs is seriously considering stepping aside to work on President Obama's 2012 campaign, although no... More »

Robert Gibbs May Be Next DNC Chair

Press chief in line for party post, says Politico

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs could shift from White House press secretary to chair of the Democratic National Committee, reports Politico , which says party "insiders" have already begun floating the proposal. The shuffle would likely happen next year, in time for Gibbs to take over ahead of the 2012 re-election run. Current... More »

Dear Press, You're Not the Boss of Robert Gibbs

But Paul Krugman thinks he's being 'stupid' and thin-skinned

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs' takedown of the "professional left" continues to generate buzz among media types, and today produces two diametrically opposed views:
  • Paul Krugman, New York Times : The press chief needs another job if he can't take this heat. Liberal critics are voicing the "real concerns of real people,
... More »

Robert Gibbs Should Consider Resigning

Press chief's 'increasing candor' getting him in hot water

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs keeps getting himself into pickles because of his "increasing candor" (see here and here ) and Scott Wilson thinks it's time for the press secretary to fade into a less public role. Both of his recent comments that drew fire—conceding Democrats may lose the House and... More »

Gibbs: Obama's 'Angry,' May Fire McChrystal

War effort 'bigger than any one man,' press secretary says

(Newser) - There’s a distinct possibility Barack Obama will show Stanley McChrystal the door, Robert Gibbs told reporters today. “He was angry,” Gibbs said, calling the gravity of McChrystal’s comments “profound.” He repeatedly refused to offer the general a vote of confidence, the Washington Post notes.... More »

Press Corps to White House: Loosen Up!

Reporters' gripes about Obama pile up

(Newser) - The right likes to say the media is in love with President Obama; if so the affair has gone sour. White House reporters find Obama's administration thin-skinned, vengeful, and unfairly stingy with information, they tell Politico . "The White House seems to imagine that releasing information is like a tap... More »

Woods, Spin Doc Fleischer Part Ways

Former Bush flak won't spill on reasons

(Newser) - Tiger Woods is getting ready to get back on the golf course, but he won’t have Ari Fleischer to help spin off-the-course happenings any more. The former Bush press secretary confirmed last night’s Golf Channel report that he and Woods have parted company, but wouldn’t elaborate in... More »

Laughter Fades at Gibbs' Press Briefings

Transcripts reveal a less jovial group

(Newser) - After a year in office, the Obama administration has less to laugh about—literally. In a novel measure of the administration's shifting fortunes, Politico's Patrick Gavin analyzed the number of times Robert Gibbs' press briefings were marked by laughter. While the first 6 months Obama's presidency were downright jovial—with... More »

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