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Airbus' Star Jet Grounded After Air Show Flub

Airbus faces series of setbacks at Paris Air Show

(Newser) - The world’s biggest air show begins today, but Airbus won't be showing off the gem of its fleet—the superjumbo A380 has been grounded after it collided with a taxiway building, damaging its wingtip. It’s just one of several Paris Air Show embarrassments for the Boeing rival,... More »

Sex Would Lift Flaccid Space Travel: Expert

Hanky panky, champagne would boost funding: historian

(Newser) - Why should flight attendants have all the fun? A respected NASA historian is proposing that astronauts too should join the mile-high club, Bloomberg reports. “Sex in space, now there’s an experiment scientists certainly want to conduct,” James Hansen declared in a lecture at the 100th Paris Air... More »

Paris Air Show Hits Turbulence

Tragedy, economic losses hang over 100th show

(Newser) - Clouds hang over the launch of the 100th anniversary Paris Air Show today as investigators continue to pore over the wreckage of Air France flight 447. Bad business news combines with the tragedy to make this year's event less than stellar. Russia's first post-Soviet jetliner is expected to upstage Western... More »

Singapore Airlines Sends Airbus Skyward

Huge order of planes puts Airbus ahead of rival Boeing

(Newser) - With a $3.78 billion order from Singapore Airlines as the Paris Air Show wrapped up today, Airbus regained the lead over archrival Boeing, Bloomberg reports. The carrier ordered 20 new A350s from the world's largest maker of commericial aircraft, bringing the total of the company's record number of firm... More »

Airbus Soars in Orders at Air Show

With 600 orders for 2007, Airbus overtakes rival Boeing's 510

(Newser) - Airbus tallied 425 orders at the Paris Air Show this year, helping to dispell its also-ran status in the aircraft industry in recent years. Qatar Airways, Emirates Airline, Air France-KLM, and Aeroflot all made significant commitments to Airbus aircraft. The company hopes its bulging order book will instill confidence in... More »

Boeing, Airbus Firefight at Paris Air Show

Rivals for $40 billion Air Force deal bring out big guns

(Newser) - The battle between Boeing and Airbus soared to new levels of rancor this week at the Paris Air Show, where the companies are competing to supply the US Air Force with fuel tankers in a contract worth up to $40 billion. The open crossfire was unusual, the Wall Street  Journal... More »

Boeing Bags Another Big One

(Newser) - International Lease Finance Corporation, the world’s #1 jet leasing company, ordered 52 787 Dreamliners, Boeing announced at the Paris Air Show.  This brings total orders for Boeing's new plane to 634 -- way ahead of rival Airbus' 127 orders for its A350XWB.  Both planes incorporate lightweight composites... More »

Airbus, Boeing Cross Wings at Air Show

Top aircraft manufacturers ride high as industry rebounds

(Newser) - Rival aircraft producers Airbus and Boeing landed a slew of new orders at a gigantic air show that began today outside Paris. The biennial air show, the largest in the world, takes place as the airline industry begins to turn around; after two years of losses, profits this year are... More »

2007 Paris Air Show Is This Week

(Newser) - The 99-year old Paris Air Show, the air industry's largest trade show, starts this week. Over the years every major flying machine, including the Space Shuttle, has appeared at the show. This year the battle for attention is between Airbus' double-decker  A380 (and its little sister the A350) and Boeing's... More »

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