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With Emissions Plan, Obama Swings for the Fences

(Newser) - The new, strict and streamlined national fuel efficiency standard President Obama will announce today could be a victory on three fronts, the Climate Change argues in a piece running on the New York Times web site. Obama will boost his climate change cred, help floundering automakers, and resolve the federal... More »

Obama Will Streamline Emissions, Fuel Rules for Autos

Federal standard replaces patchwork

(Newser) - President Obama will announce plans for new national automobile fuel-economy and emissions standards tomorrow, overhauling and streamlining the current patchwork, sources tell Politico. The move will harmonize the CAFE standard and the EPA’s greenhouse-gas standard, so that struggling automakers needn’t fear the regulations moving independently. The announcement will... More »

Energy Bill Faces Fierce Floor Fight

Automakers will bring out the big guns to battle 45 mpg efficiency standards

(Newser) - The Democrats' energy bill is under attack on two fronts in the Senate—automakers want to weaken fuel efficiency standards, and the coal industry is looking for tax breaks for making diesel. The Wall Street Journal predicts a ferocious floor fight over the proposed package that would set a 45... More »

Detroit Resists MPG Rules

Face-off in Washington over tougher fuel economies

(Newser) - The Big Three car makers are trying to put the breaks on Congressional plans to toughen fuel economy standards to an average of 35 mpg over the next 15 years. The Wall Street Journal predicts a political struggle that will test how much clout Ford, Chrysler and GM still have... More »

4 Stories