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Trump Responds to Biden Threat With One of His Own

'He would go down fast and hard, crying all the way,' says president

(Newser) - Joe Biden made some choice comments about President Trump at a rally earlier this week, including a quip that he would have "beat the hell out" of Trump in high school. It seems the president has gotten wind of it: "Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like... More »

Billy Bush on Trump Tape: 'Of Course He Said It'

There were 7 other guys on the bus at the time, he says

(Newser) - "Of course he said it," Billy Bush writes in a New York Times op-ed addressing reports that President Trump now claims the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood recording was fake. When Trump spoke about "grabbing women by the p---," there were "seven other guys present on... More »

Trump Roasted for Reportedly Claiming 2005 Tape Is Fake

He apologized for 'Access Hollywood' comments last October

(Newser) - Access Hollywood anchors are calling President Trump out after he reportedly suggested a 2005 Access Hollywood recording was fake. On Monday's broadcast, host Natalie Morales made it clear that Trump boasted about sexual misconduct, including grabbing women "by the pussy," in the tape. "Let us make... More »

Billy Bush Finally Opens Up About Trump Tape

He says he's planning a TV comeback

(Newser) - Billy Bush says he's been doing a lot of soul-searching in the months since the release of the infamous Access Hollywood Donald Trump tape —and he's now ready for a TV comeback. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter , the former Today host describes the "awful"... More »

Breitbart Releases Old Audio of Ryan Dissing Trump

Move comes amid speaker's struggle to push health care plan in Congress

(Newser) - Breitbart News is going after Paul Ryan as the House speaker tries to push the GOP's alternative to ObamaCare through Congress. The website released audio of Ryan on a call with House Republicans from back in October, just after the leak of the infamous "grab her by... More »

Trump Threatens Lawsuit Over 'Illegal' Recording

He says Access Hollywood bus was 'private dressing room'

(Newser) - Donald Trump appears to be lining up another post-election lawsuit: On Fox's O’Reilly Factor Thursday, he slammed NBC for releasing video of his crude 2005 conversation with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush and suggested he might sue, the Hill reports. He called the bus where most of the... More »

Nancy O'Dell Addresses Trump Tape

'There is no room for objectification of women'

(Newser) - Nancy O'Dell, one of the women Donald Trump discusses in crude terms in a 2005 "hot mic" moment , says she didn't want to be thrown "into the middle of the political arena"—but she will address the issue now that she's there. "There... More »

Trump Caught Making Lewd Comments in 2005 Tape

He calls it 'locker room banter,' apologizes if anyone was offended

(Newser) - Donald Trump is issuing a rare apology after a video caught him making lewd, sexually charged comments about women in 2005, the AP reports. But he also downplayed the comments as "locker room banter." He issued the statement after the Washington Post revealed video of Trump caught on... More »

Brittany Murphy's Hubby 'Destroyed'

Simon Monjack talks about his wife's last day

(Newser) - 'My world was destroyed yesterday," Simon Monjack tells Access Hollywood of wife Brittany Murphy's Sunday death. Monjack told Access Hollywood that Sunday seemed like "a regular day." "[Her mother] went into the bathroom because she had been in there a long time," he recalled. "... More »

Peekaboo With Kids Is Classic Political Game

Puff piece with young daughters just another episode of political peekaboo

(Newser) - The press tries to treat politicians’ offspring, particularly younger ones, with kid gloves, writes David Carr of the New York Times—so it’s no wonder there was a furor when Barack Obama let Access Hollywood interview his 10- and 7-year-old daughters. Many reporters were irked by the beyond-puff piece,... More »

Obama, Stop Acting Like a Child

Putting kids on TV was a blunder, but so was whining about it: Dowd

(Newser) - Caught up in a Fourth of July celebration, Barack Obama agreed to let his daughters be interviewed on "Access Hollywood," a turnaround from his position on his family's privacy and a big slip-up, writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times. But Obama compounded the error by expressing... More »

Obama Family Goes Hollywood

'Access Hollywood' interviews include Malia, Sasha for first time

(Newser) - Barack Obama took the unusual step of sitting down with Access Hollywood, but the interview took a decidedly precocious tone when daughters Malia and Sasha joined in, dishing on mommy and daddy holding hands and potential White House bedroom decor. The first interview of the Obamas is airing over four... More »

Actors' Family Feud Creates More Hollywood Labor Unrest

Larger SAG, with contract set to expire, aims to torpedo smaller union's deal

(Newser) - In the escalation of a long-simmering turf war, the largest Hollywood actors union is attempting to scuttle a deal reached by its smaller rival with studios, the Los Angeles Times reports. Though the Screen Actors Guild isn't planning to strike when its contract expires tonight, it's urging members who also... More »

Daytime TV as Campaign Stop

'Low-info' voters, soft-pedaling hosts want personal details

(Newser) - You know where they stand on gas prices, but what about pantsuits and family pets? Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama are making the rounds of daytime talk shows and celebrity gossipfests, courting "low-info" voters—those mostly white, working class, and undecided folks who haven't been paying much... More »

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