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French Gnab Gnome Bandit

53-year-old man accused of stealing 170 garden ornaments

(Newser) - Decorative gnomes might be the bane of garden purists the world over, but for one Frenchman, they're apparently worth risking a stint in the slammer. Police in Brittany have arrested a 53-year-old man accused of stealing 170 garden gnomes and other ornaments, Der Spiegel reports—to the surprise of the... More »

Brooklyn Bar Proves Inescapable

Overserved patron, locked in, surfs web and phones owner's mother

(Newser) - Most 20-something New Yorkers are accustomed to getting shut out of bars, but how about getting shut in? A young paralegal who now knows far more than he wanted to about Williamsburg's Trophy Bar shares his tale of overnight captivity with the New York Times, recalling that when he realized... More »

2 Stories