Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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Trump Administration Takes Step to Reopen Arctic to Drilling

Interior Dept. wants to allow seismic studies in ANWR

(Newser) - The 19.6 million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is an important, well, refuge for young caribou and migrating birds. And—citing an Aug. 11 memo from the Interior Department—the Washington Post reports the Trump administration is taking steps to open it to drilling for the first time... More »

GOP Control Brings the Return of 'Drill, Baby, Drill'

Lawmakers renew push for oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

(Newser) - Following in her father's footsteps, US Sen. Lisa Murkowski is sponsoring legislation to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, the AP reports. With a Republican Congress and president, she's hopeful that the timing is right. The coastal plain is a nursery for polar bears,... More »

Obama Moves to Ban Drilling in Chunk of Alaska

Alaskan senators outraged by 'lawless' proposal

(Newser) - In a move that has the state's Republicans boiling with rage, President Obama has moved to seek protection for a vast wildlife habitat in Alaska. The president says he plans to ask Congress to preserve the "amazing wonder" of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by declaring 12 million... More »

Alaska Senator to Sarah Palin: Whine to John McCain

Says he doesn't take advice from 'someone who quit'

(Newser) - Mark Begich delivered a sharp jab at Sarah Palin yesterday, saying, in effect, that he didn’t consider her an Alaskan anymore. Asked about Palin’s insistence that he push to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling as part of a debt ceiling deal, Begich replied, “... More »

Feds Pitch Polar Bear Habitat

Critics complain move doesn't address main threats

(Newser) - The federal government has proposed designating 200,000 square miles of land, sea, and ice in northern Alaska as a critical habitat for polar bears. The move is "one step in the right direction to help this species stave off extinction," said an Interior Department official. He acknowledged,... More »

GOP Leaves Alaska Drilling Off Platform

Policy committee shelves difference with McCain—for now, at least

(Newser) - The committee assembling the Republican Party’s election platform has officially taken drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge off the table, in an effort to help John McCain’s presidential campaign, the AP reports. McCain doesn’t support tapping the protected lands, and committee members say they’d rather... More »

Save the Earth: Drill in the US

Letting other countries produce oil cures nothing: Krauthammer

(Newser) - Asked why she so vehemently opposes offshore drilling, Nancy Pelosi recently replied, “I’m trying to save the planet.” Which is a nice thought, Charles Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post, but it’s completely illogical. We’re not saving the planet by leaving the drilling to the... More »

Bush to Congress: Lift Offshore Drilling Ban

Also, open Alaska refuge to oil companies

(Newser) - Bush formally asked Congress today to allow drilling for oil in the deep water off America's coasts, as well as repeating his demand that Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be opened for drilling, CNN reports. "In the short run, the American economy will continue to rely largely on oil,... More »

Bush to Push Congress for Offshore Drilling

Like McCain, he says it's time to end the ban

(Newser) - President Bush plans to make a renewed push tomorrow to get Congress to end a long-standing ban on offshore oil and gas drilling. Democrats have opposed the move for years, but rising gas prices are ratcheting up pressure to find domestic solutions. "The president believes Congress shouldn't waste any... More »

GOP Blocks Profit Tax on Oil Companies

Senators favor new US drilling over Dems' plan for 'energy relief'

(Newser) - Senate Republicans today fended off a Democrat-sponsored bill that would have heaped a 25% tax on the five biggest US oil companies and rolled back other tax breaks for the industry, the Houston Chronicle reports. President Bush had threatened to veto the measure, hailed by Dems as "energy price... More »

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